Thursday, 7 January 2010

Next MASSIVE speaking gig: Teabaggers Convention

Next month in Nashville, Tenn., the first-ever national tea-party convention will take place. The tea-party movement is getting to be like the Politburo of the 1920s. Too many factions each claiming to know the true path. I can't keep up. However, this part is clear enough: Dave Weigel of the Windy is reporting that our old friend S.P. is speaking there - and being paid as much as perhaps $100,000 for her appearance. [...]

Weigel notes that she's skipping the higher-profile and usually very important meeting of the Conservative Political Action Committee, or C-PAC. All GOP prez hopefuls are supposed to speak at C-PAC functions. The catch, however, is the one you might already have guessed: C-PAC doesn't pay honoraria.

Since this event is political and not part of her book promotion tour, it's unlikely the publishing company would pay for a ghost speechwriter, as it presumably did for other events. And in the past, Palin relied on her government staff to plagiarize write one for her.

I wonder if $arah will recycle the speech she presented in Hong Kong? For sure, somewhere in the speech she will mention "death panels" - $arah has gotten a lot of traction with rightwingnuts by using that one.

In other Palin family related news, Bristol started her own PR company.


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