Friday, 8 January 2010

No Prorogue!

The online effort to give Stevie the Skeert the virtual and actual finger now has a website (I just added it to our blogroll too) in addition to the (in)famous Facebook group. Which *sigh* I just signed up with Facebook to join.

Until now I haven't seen the point of Facebook. But if the numbers joining this group is getting the MSM's knickers in knots, I'm all for it.

By the way, the No Prorogue site has a blog and look who's already posted there -- our pal, pale.

ADDED: And from Dr. Dawg we learn that CFRA is running a prorogue poll.


the regina mom said...

OMFG! Has hell frozen over, fern hill? I mean, it feels like it here with a wind chill that makes it feel like minus bajillion. But you, on Facebook? Wow!

Friend me! ;)

fern hill said...

It was for a good cause, TRM. ;)

I have no idea and no intention of finding out how to do anything there. Go look at my home page or whatever it's called and see how I fucked that up.

Antonia Z said...

I sent you a friend request and made friend suggestions.

fern hill said...

One of the friend suggestions was particularly LOLsome. ;)

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