Tuesday, 6 October 2009

'Left-Wing Fringe' vs. Steve's Friends

While blogoland brims with joy or at least grudging admiration -- not at all shared by moi or by the genius pale at A Creative Revolution -- over Steve's recent attempt to humanize himself, do not forget what he actually thinks about that 'left-wing fringe group' known as women.

Proclaim your proud membership or support of the Fringe by ordering a t-shirt in support of LEAF.

The gift-giving season is fast approaching. For just 20 bucks you can delight a friend! Or piss off a misogynist/CONservative family member!

The t-shirt was co-designed by the genius pale, who also had this brilliant take on Steve's recent performance. Check out who his friends really are.


Pale said...

Garsh! Ummm. Thanks! :)

So tell me, why can't I find my car keys?

Keep spreading the word! People really are that shallow eh? That's how Bush got in twice. Ugh.

Luna said...

Still waiting for mine to show up! It's been 2 weeks already.

fern hill said...

Pale: I'm working on a book on cognition right now. There are about a zillion kinds of intelligence. Funny, but key-finding isn't one of them. ;)

Luna: I don't think they were actually available when they were offered, just virtually. Check the Facebook page by clicking the logo in the sidebar.

Luna said...

It said they were available then. I wonder if I was "pre-ordering".

Anyway, it still says they're available, so I dunno.

fern hill said...

Luna: I ordered early too and haven't got mine. I'm hoping they got sooooo many orders, it's taking a while to process them. :D

Antonia Z said...

Within two weeks we were told today. LEAF isn't the fastest off the mark.

Beijing York said...

Oh good to hear that the t-shirts are on their way. I was wondering too!

Kudos Dr. Prole, Alison, Frank et al. Harper really sucks at the piano and his singing voice is whiny.

deBeauxOs said...

Was Stevie's little performance pre-recorded? It looks like he's lip-sync'ing.

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