Tuesday, 6 October 2009

It Ain't Over

Antonia Zerbisias calls him dogged. He certainly is.

In an update to his post about failing to meet 'appropriate criteria' for wanting the judge's reasons for convicted rapist Fernando Manuel Alves's no-jail sentence, Dr. Dawg writes:
UPDATE: (October 6) Reader and lawyer "truewest" suggests that I press on. Accordingly, I have this morning written back to Judge Rideout to ask what the "appropriate criteria" are for access to his Reasons for Sentence. Stay tuned.

Secret justice is outrageous. The public must know why, especially in the current CONservative atmosphere of 'tough on crime', a rapist serves NO time in prison for a brutal crime.

This needs to get political and media attention. Please, if you are a BC resident, contact your MPP to alert her or him to the situation and to ask what can be done.

Meanwhile, go read an update from the victim at meanoldmommy. Heart-wrenching testimony from a very brave broad.

PS. Where are the Conservatives on this?

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Pale said...

Where are the Conservatives?

Well, the women involved were in a BAR, and that is not ladylike. So they asked fer it.

Now, if you have someone lighting up a joint, or being homeless, they are perfectly willing to toss em in the klink, and throw away the key.

This Rapist, was just acting on one of them "male urges" and was provoked. PROVOKED I'll tell ya. He has really performed a valueable service! Maybe women will stay home and knit and have babies and stuff. (white women only!!!!).

Maybe women should all wear some sort of cover so they don't "attract" men like that.
A long robe that covers their faces. Ya. That's it.

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