Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Make a Political Fashion Statement!

DJ has gone all grrrly lately, with blogposts about fashion.

It's my turn.

The t-shirts are ready!

Make a fashionable political statement.

Or a political fashion statement.

Order them at LEAF's store here.

There are two sorts -- regular and fitted -- for actual members of the left-wing fringe group. And regular t's for our supporters.

It's a fundraiser for LEAF, an organization just about gutted by the Harpocons, so if you've got the dough, buy a few to give to friends and family. And/or encourage others to buy.

All hail to Antonia Zerbisias, whose fiendishly clever idea this was.

And to the plotters and planners at this Facebook page.

From idea to on-line ordering in something like a week and a half! I tell you -- we are pretty awesome for a left-wing fringe group.


Chrystal Ocean said...

Two wishes: i) that a white t was an option - I never wear black cuz it looks so terrible on me - and ii) I could afford to get one.

fern hill said...

Yeah, there are a lot of good causes and no one can support them all. You can promote it at your blog, though.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Already am. We've been sportin' that snazzy logo and linking it to the Facebook group for at least a week.

fern hill said...

It's all good then.

Bina said...

Just ordered mine. Can't wait to receive it...

Luna said...

ordered mine! :)

Anonymous said...

Two things from me: I agree with Chrystal Ocean that I wish there were an option other than black, because black looks so bad on some people they just can't wear it and I'm also one of them; and if I knew Chrystal Ocean I would buy her one anyway so she could have one.

Hey, we could wear them over shirts that are better colours for us!

- Mouthyorange

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