Sunday, 23 August 2009

Lakritz Wears Her Envy Proudfully.

What is it about anti-feminists? Not only are they MASSIVELY envious of other women's accomplishments, not only do they lie baldly and badly, but anti-feminists also appear incapable of doing adequate internet searches.

this CanWest opinion piece, Lakritz - yet again - gets her knockers in a knit .... errr, her knickers in a knot over patriarchy. But not over your judeo/christian patriarchy. Oh no no no. She gives religious clerics a free pass when it comes to gynophobia justified by a male-centered and thus self-interested, reading of the Old and New Testaments.

... when members of another culture engage in evildoing, we're supposed to pretend it all just falls under the rubric of domestic violence. Since domestic violence occurs in all cultures, honour killings can be conveniently lumped into that category and we can keep pretending it's not particular to certain cultures.

Nobody's even mentioned the fact that Mohammad Shafia was living in this country with two wives, one of whom died with the girls. Let's just pass completely over that form of oppression visited on these two women, for fear of offending someone.

Wrong, Naomi. I mentioned it here, when the story broke.

Basically what Lakritz says is this: Violence against women is worse, much much worse, and more evil when muslim men do it - oh, and "Where are the feminists?"

Oh really? Regardless of which gynophobic religious zealot ideology informs the child abusers, pedophiles, rapists, wife-beaters and serial murderers the end result looks and feels the same, doesn't it? Such as "honour killings" by William Pickton, Colin Thatcher and other upstanding christians.

Naomi, you are either 1) deliberately lying or 2) deliberately uninformed. In that you join other CanWest opinionists slagging feminism this summer.

Delicious update: From Dr Dawg, we read that an earlier Lakritz shrieeek has been thoroughly smacked down by Gisele Harrison, here.


Dr.Dawg said...

Lakritz is a MASSIVE opportunist, playing to an audience that likes to watch women bash other women. Ironically, feminists created the perch she now occupies so comfortably, from which she mocks them for money.

fern hill said...

I find this stuff hilarious. The rightwingnuts wake up to issues that feminists have been dealing with for decades -- religious repression of women, violence, women's property and civil rights, etc., etc. -- only to use them to bash other women. The Muslim-bashing opportunities are just icing on the cake.

But, my, what a sad little person Ms Lakritz demonstrates herself to be.

brebis noire said...

Meanwhile, here in Winnipeg, yet another aboriginal woman has been found dead. The anti-feminists, as usual, are silent on this terrible and tragic issue. Yet when they do open their mouths, they are only capable of spewing hate.

jj said...

Oh, the mindbending hypocrisy: the killing of muslim women is bad when it's done by muslim men, but A-OK when it's done by Israeli (or American, or Canadian) troops.

Not hard to see what really motivates Ms.Lakritz (and others like her), and it ain't compassion for muslim women.

rabbit said...

Are you seriously suggesting that women are treated as badly in "western" cultures as they are in Muslim cultures? If so, you are utterly deluded.

Laktriz has an excellent point. Feminists have not done nearly enough to denounce the treatment of Mulsim women worldwide. It's a bizarre and striking blind-spot for feminists in general.

deBeauxOs said...

No, that's not what feminists are suggesting.

I pointed out that it was ironic that Lakritz was conveniently using feminist analysis about fundamentalist religious patriarchy to denounce the murders of women and other forms of gynophobia in muslim cultures. Lakritz is known to turn a blind eye to the serial killings of Aboriginal women, for example, and other violence against women in Canada and the US.

Lakritz conveniently uses and exploits the violent deaths of women, which she rarely if ever pays attention to - except as an opportunity to savage feminists - to attack fundamentalist religious muslims.

By the way, feminists stated that laws and customs that gave a husband the right to rape his wife have been abolished in most though not all "western" cultures (in the 1970s) when we denounced the laws recently passed in Afghanistan. Is that clear enough for you?

Feminists have worked with the UN, with Amnesty International and with a number of feminist and progressive organizations in Sharia-ruled countries to denounce and eradicate various forms of violence against women.

It is shameful and inexcusable that you and Lakritz have not been paying attention to these efforts. You have just recently taken note because you now feel personally threatened by muslim fundamentalism.

Your behaviour is not bizarre to us however; it is familiar and consistent with a certain rightwing conservative point of view.

fern hill said...

lept/rabbit is that you?

Remember lept? He didn't like the phrase 'fetus fetishist', said so, got thumped, went away with his little puff-ball tail between his legs.

Somebody help. The blog seems to be gone. How does one retrieve old stoooooopidities?

Bina said...

Lackwits also likes to bash that OTHER Naomi--Klein--whose success at connecting the socioeconomic dots is something she just can't match. Did you see what she said about The Shock Doctrine? Google it, you'll scream with laughter.

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