Saturday, 22 August 2009

Rideout: 'You are sentenced to shame'

Here Dr. Dawg reveals that the judge in the Fernando Manuel Alves rape case, the guy who called it a 'crime of opportunity' not warranting any jail time is Gregory Rideout.

Ain't Google a marvel?

At that link the Vancouver Sun reports on the sentencing in August last year of a man named Jeves who pled guilty to cocaine trafficking charges.
In a B.C. Provincial Court judgment, Judge Gregory Rideout wrote that the wrongdoings were "out of character" for Jeves, a former volunteer firefighter and self-defence instructor.

His crime is painted in the judgment as a familial fall from grace, as Rideout noted that his grandfather was an ambulance driver during the Second World War and his father is a retired chief with the Salmon Arm Fire Department.

"He has brought shame upon himself and his family. This perhaps is best exemplified in a letter filed by his father and mother who indicate that they were 'very upset, disappointed and ashamed,' " Rideout wrote.

Jeves's sentence? 18 months months conditional, no jail. Shame is enough, I guess. And having public-spirited relatives helps too.

We're not done with Judge Rideout.

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