Saturday, 1 August 2009

Anti-feminists tell lies about feminists.

Anti-feminists tell lies about feminists.

Not exactly an earth-shattering or tell-all statement, is it?

Here’s the thing: whenever SUZANNE, a.k.a. Blob Blogging Wingnut, the wannabe Sarah-Palin-lookie-like “Choice” for Childcare and ‘Hunter’ go ballistic with their anti-feminist screeching, MASSIVE lies are involved.

Distortion, spin, fabulating, obfuscation, falsehood, prevarication – call it what you will - it all boils down to big, fat lies offered up with the greatest of disingenuousness as reality. That reality for the close-minded, conservative, patriarchy-toadying anti-feminists is a load of fabrications cobbled from their fears, their inability to think coherently and their determination to slander the anti-violence work that feminists do.

Thus criminal charges against the alleged murderers of Zainab, Geeti and Sahar Shafia and Rona Amir Mohammed becomes an opportunity for a Blogging Tory anti-feminist to rail against feminists.

Hunter’s two-fold objective is muddled by her confused rhetoric, atrocious syntax, spelling mistakes and demented comments by her usual chorus of sycophants.

1) Discredit the decades of work that feminists have accomplished to ensure that all forms of familial/domestic/intimate violence against women is processed properly in the criminal justice system.

2) Attack people of islamic faith and/or culture.

JJ at unrepentantoldhippie did a formidable job of shredding Hunter’s sorry excuse for a blogpost to bits. She also has an excellent post about a recent femicide in Alberta.

The last words though belong to Sherene Razack.

"I get really distressed by the idea that a really terrible violence that has been done to girls and women is now getting framed as a kind of hate fest, something about Islam and Muslims," says Sherene Razack, professor of sociology and equity studies at University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Razack says the term also detracts from the real issue, which, in the end, simply boils down to violence against women.

Razack's dissection of the gynophobia that supports the murderous and violent actions directed towards all women is cogent and compassionate, whereas Hunter's raving is the disjointed and illogical shrieeeking of an apologist for christian neo-con wife-beaters, rapists and other abusers who are not brown-skinned and seemingly, in her belief system, allowed those social conventions that give them authority over the lives of their women.

Update: An ironic footnote to Hunter's "Where are the feminists?" screed. Yesterday she posted a YouTube video that has gone viral in the last week, with the inane comment "I suspect this will be a very happy marriage!". When you visit this 'lefty' (according to Hunter's definition) couple's website, they urge the fans of their joyful wedding ceremony to support a progressive organization working to end domestic violence. Duh!

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