Friday 1 May 2009

Life, Choice, Options

As we reported back here, the name 'crisis pregnancy center/centre', aka fake pregnancy clinic, has acquired such a stink that anti-choicers eschewed the name in favour of the more forthright 'anti-abortion clinic'.

This caught my eye today: Mike Huckabee doing some fundraising for the fundies.
Huckabee was the featured speaker for the $50-a-plate fundraiser for Life Centers, formerly the Central Indiana Crisis Pregnancy Center, a group that provided free counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and other services to 21,889 pregnant women last year.

So I googled 'crisis pregnancy center formerly' and got a ton of hits. Rebranding among the fetus fetishists is running amok.

Many, like that Indiana gang, are going for 'Life Center' (ya know, as opposed to Kulture of Death Center): here, here and here.

Variants on the 'life' theme include
New Life Solutions (note lying plural -- there is only one solution to fetus fetishists), and LifeCare Pregnancy Center (care for life? Yeah, right.)

More care is offered by Care Net Pregnancy Center.

Then, of course, there's the otherwise anathema 'choice'. We've got LifeChoices in Colorado and Real Choices (ooooh, choices made by REAL women?) in Saskatoon.

'Crisis Pregnancy Centers' as a term is toast. 'Choice' is being usurped pretty thoroughly. (Think of last year's Canadian Blog Awards, Feminist Category.)

I predict that the next word to go down the road to Damascus will be 'options'. Planned Parenthood uses it.


Beijing York said...

The word choice has certainly been abused by the fundies, not just with respect to reproduction but in the whole realms of education and childcare. They love the word because it serves as a convenient smokescreen. Makes it sound like they are not the authoritarian pricks that they really are at the heart of it all.

Anonymous said...

Calling the other side fetus fetishists pretty much spells out your disdain for the fetus and angst against those that favour life. It must be really hard to accept that every anti-life person shares the same beginning as every pro-life person AND every aborted person: as a fetus.

There is no history of anything but a human being born from a human pregnancy - never a sheep or a dog, no bird or fish; so from conception until birth, a human pregnancy is and cannot be anything but a human being. I am amazed that the so-called pro-choice camp can deny that this is true and require some arbitrary chronological line to be crossed.

Wow. That must really mess with your LIFE fundamentals.

And yes, an abortion clinic is indeed truly a Death Center - thank you for the correct phrasing! Wonder how that would fly for truth in advertising...

But let´s peel back one more layer: it is a Death Center for those that cannot protect themselves nor have a voice to express their preference, between life or a violent death of excruciating pain. The baby´s - sorry, the *fetal* - response has been documented in extremely agonizing detail.

It is a Death Center of Convenience mainly for the of women - and men - who would rather kill the baby than have to come to terms with their lifestyle, or accommodate the changes necessary to bring another life into this world - and care for it, never mind there are thousands of parents ready and desparate to adopt a baby to hold, nurture, enjoy and raise, maybe even just like your mother did for you, or maybe even better.

Really, just do the math: how many abortions are the result of the over-used reasons: incest, rape or the big one - Medical Necessity. If the records were real and not tainted with the bias so openly expressed by the medical profession, we would see the truth: the majority of abortions are for convenience.

But you no doubt would deny so much of this. It´s much more convenient that way, rather than having to face the guilt we all carry for the millions of babies killed in so heinous a manner. There is no justification for the Death Center industry, and no good way to kill a baby. It is ultimately murder.

fern hill said...

Disdain, yes. Angst, not so much.

(Why are fetus fetishists so long-winded?)

Thanks for visiting, Anonymous.

deBeauxOs said...

Q: Why are fetus fetishists so long-winded?

A: Propaganda requires a lot of words - unless you're Leni Riefenstahl.

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