Saturday, 24 January 2009

We're an Anti-Abortion Center, Dammit!

The fetus fetishists are using our words again. Somewhere in Iowa, something called 'Choices Medical Clinic' is set to open its doors.

It is described like this:

The anti-abortion center will open in the spring and provide free health care to all women - though notably excluding contraceptives and abortions.

Anti-abortion center? OK.

But don't you dare call it a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Still, some argue that excluding abortion as an option is misleading and doesn't give women all the information. Nationally, many crisis pregnancy centers have been accused of using deceptive tactics that prevent women from having abortions.

"The tactics that [crisis pregnancy centers] used to do that, unfortunately, are sometimes getting women in under the guise of its being a medical clinic," Thompson [pro-choice person] said.

But Owen [director of new outfit] said Choices Medical Clinic is not a crisis pregnancy center.

"I know some people would put us in the category of a women's crisis center," she said. "But we're different - we are a full-on medical clinic."

You gotta love it. Crisis Pregnancy Centers have such a stink attached that even the smarter fetus fetishists are shying away from the label.

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Beijing York said...

The right has been co-opting the word "choice" as a new line of attack for all sorts of retrograde purposes, including attacking our reproductive rights and undermining supports for most working women like pay equity and universal child care.

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