Friday, 1 May 2009

Did we mention the persecution complex disorder?

Shrieeekkk!!! Police brutality harassment attention!!!

As JJ described it here, there was a non-event of MASSIVE portentousness that unfolded outside the Governor General's residence last Tuesday morning. The predictable and perfunctory scrutiny - to which all formal and non-formal gatherings of people for the purpose of contacting the GG are subjected - was ominous and threatening, as reported by Lifesite.

MacDonald, said, however, that the event took an odd turning at several points. Proulx, he said, informed the group while receiving the petitions that they did not have permission to take photos. But as they were on a public sidewalk, and what appeared to be a news camera was present, photos were taken. It was later discovered that the news camera was a camera-man sent by the Governor General's office to record the event, although it was unclear for what purpose.

I believe that the non-event was documented and recorded because zygote zealots and abortion-criminalizers have a history of accusing those who are neutral (or not undies-wetting supportive) of exhibiting hostility towards them. Thus, if David MacDonald (sperm donor), Frances Wilkenson (a woman holding up a sign reading 'I regret my abortion'), Faytene Kryskow (self-styled christian charismatic youth leader) or any member of the delegation claimed that the two members of the G-G's office who accepted the petition sneered at them, there would be proof that this in fact was not the case.

Is it an exaggeration to surmise that fetus fetishists are collectively or individually paranoid, hyper-reactive or suffering from persecution complex disorders? Judge for yourself - if you're in possession of a steady stomach or able to scrub down your keyboard/monitor set-up in the aftermath of an chucked-up lunch, go read SoCon Or Bust's impressions of the non-event.

I’m not sure what kind of thuggery the RCMP was engaging in, but I trust David’s account completely. ... And as for the Governor General’s big brother approach with the professional camera, I find that very eerie. ... There was no reason at all for the rough treatment these peaceful pro-lifers received from the RCMP.

"big brother" ... "rough treatment" ... There was nothing unusual about the actions that the GG's communications or security staff took. Photographic recordings, closed-circuit video equipement and verbal questioning have become the standard operating mode. This reported "odd turn" is quite disingenuous since the ideological glue that bonds abortion-criminalizers of all religious and political stripes seemingly justifies the actions of convicted terrorists and murderers.

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