Friday, 16 August 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

Gwen LanDOLT is trying to walk back her most recent imbecility.

Speaking to LifeShite, she claims her views were misrepresented in the CBC article that implied she was okey-dokey with the death penalty for homosexuality.

Then there's this paragraph with a rather breath-taking phrase.
Last week REAL Women criticized Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, a practicing homosexual, for imposing what it called “his own perspective on homosexuality” in foreign countries such as Uganda, Kenya, and Russia that have passed laws aimed at preserving the traditional family structure.

Heh. I just googled 'practicing homosexual' and got pages and pages of Why Practicing Homosexuals Can't Be Christians. Must be a Christian thing.

Oo. Looky here. On page 7 of the November/December 2012 REALity(pdf) (newsletter of REAL Women):
It is common knowledge that John Baird is a homosexual, and, apparently, his personal support for homosexuality overcame any reluctance he had about being up close and personal with his political rivals—the Liberals.
So, this isn't a first. Seems REAL Women keeps hoisting this flag and no one salutes it.

Pity poor Gwen. Must be soooo frustrating to be a galloping homophobe in a country that doesn't give a shit about a politician's sexuality.

h/t Big City Lib

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Kelseigh said...

A practicing homosexual? You'd think he'd be pretty good at it by now.

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