Saturday, 17 August 2013

What's Missing from The Star's Latest on Ford's Felonious Friends?

The first sentence from The Star's latest story on Rob Fucking Ford and his criminal associates:
Toronto police are investigating attempts by associates of Mayor Rob Ford to retrieve the crack cocaine video.
Notice anything missing there?


Compare to this poll being run by NewsTalk 1010 at the moment, which, by the way is running 84% 'yes'.

The Toronto Star reports that police are looking into Rob Ford's buddies' attempts to get their hands on an alleged video of the mayor smoking from a crack pipe. Do you believe the footage exists?
The Star has abandoned the use of the word 'alleged'.

The crack cocaine video.

No one, not The Star, not the cops, not a significant majority of NewsTalk's audience doubts.

Most significantly, The Star's lawyers do not doubt its existence.

I might blog on the story itself, with its plethora of sketchy characters, most of whom live in their parents' basements while driving pricey cars, later.

But for now, I just wanted to point this omission out.


LeDaro said...

What were Torontonians thinking when they elected this buffoon as mayor?

Purple library guy said...

They were thinking that if they put their heads deep enough in somewhere dark (sand, other possibilities) they wouldn't have to face the city's problems.

e.a.f. said...

it does prove anyone can become mayor of toronto. Perhaps the Hells Angels would like to try next. At least they would have gotten the video. Actually they would have ensured it was never made.

You gotta love toronto. What other city in Canada has a mayor like Rob Ford?

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