Thursday, 15 August 2013

PSA: Complain about fetal gore pr0n

In the comments here Alison reports that the Fetal Gore Porn Gang has struck again, this time in Brampton.

And the reaction -- again -- is predictably revulsion and outrage that children are exposed to this crap.

The FGPG don't get it. Fetal porn does not work and simply reeks of desperation.

Joyce Arthur advises:
If you or your family has been victimized by being forced to view CCBR's graphic imagery, please complain to your city council and to police, describing what happened and the resulting harms, and email a copy of your complaints to ARCC. Even if the city or police don't respond or refuse to act, more complaints mean more pressure, and it builds a case for future regulation.

Email is info @ arcc-cdac (dot) ca


Anonymous said...

A church in Denver (see link below) managed to keep these idiots away, so it is possible to do something. Here in Calgary, the City has stopped taking complaints from the public. They say that they wish there was something they could do as there is overwhelming opposition to CCBR's campaign, but there isn't. So "stop calling us" is their message.

fern hill said...

Anonymous's link.

Can you get a sympatico city councillor to propose a by-law forbidding FetusMobile travelling where children might see it?

Sounds like there's enough public support for it.

choice joyce said...

Of course the City can do something, they're just being lazy. They can pass bylaws around the display or distribution of graphic gory images. If they focus on protecting children, and don't completely prohibit the pics at all times and places, it will pass constitutional muster.

Beijing York said...

Even though Calgary finally has a relatively progressive Mayor, I've heard him mention on a number of occasions that he doesn't have much support on City Council.

Anonymous said...

I actually passed the info on to an interested city councillor, but I doubt she will go so far as to use it. I don't think it's laziness, I think it is just complicated and ultimately expensive as the anti-lawyers would come out shooting. But if one municipality in the country could do it, then maybe others would more easily follow. Toronto? Also, no one knows if Naheed Nenshi is pro-choice.

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