Sunday, 24 February 2013

Liar? Idiot? In either case, unfit

Twitter is having a ball with the Puffster's admission that he 'misunderstood' the rules for primary residence.

It’s “extremely complicated.”

It’s “antiquated.”

It’s “very, very fuzzy.”

In the cold grip of an Ottawa winter, the “it” topic is the suddenly hot definition of residency for senators.

Sen. Mike Duffy, in a mea culpa performance, declared Friday that he misunderstood what is meant by primary residence when he filled out Senate expense forms, and may have wrongly claimed about $42,000 in living expenses as a result. He’ll pay back the money, but Duffy insisted he owns a residence — a cottage — in PEI and so is qualified to sit in the Senate.
Here's the form.

Of course, tweeps are joking that maybe the Puffster should have had Senator Jacques Demers read it to him.

Image via Paul MacNeill.


Kirbycairo said...

The whole thing would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Imagine the desperate position one would have to be in to admit publicly that you found that form 'complicated.'

I am just interested in how the Duff will figure out how to fix the fact that by paying the money back he is de facto admitting that he is not qualified to sit in the Senate.

e.a.f. said...

if he didn't have the mental capacity to read and figure out the form he shouldn't have been appointed to the senate and should recogize this and resign immediately. Harper should be fired for appointing a senator who could read and compehend a standard form.

If it was so difficult to understand, why didn't he waddle down the hall way and find a secretary, clerk, door man, cab driver to explain it to him.

900ft Jesus said...

he's also left with the problem of the Ontario health card and the residency requirement (that he be a resident of PEI) to qualify as a Senator. Can't have both, and using an out-of-province health card in that sense is fraud.

But that may be too complicated for a Senator. We place such demands on them!

Sixth Estate said...

In fairness, literacy is not a job requirement for either journalist or senator in this country.

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