Saturday, 23 February 2013

Must watch interview.

For the record, DJ! apologizes to Michael Sona.

It appears the guy was in the throes of electoral fervour when he dispatched by CON war room bullies to play the role of a minor thug during the 2011 federal election.  For his troubles, he was thrown under the bus.

Watch his candid interview here.

PMSHithead's government, elected by means that appear to me and many others who are working to collect the evidence of CPC wide-spread electoral fraud, cannot fall quickly enough.

I hope the members of the CPC oligarchy who engineered this assault on democracy and the electoral process suffer the disgrace and punishment they richly deserve.

Especially the contemptible CON above, who bragged he'd change Canada so we wouldn't recognize it anymore. I hope he spends time in jail.

Update: "Sun News is kind of an alternate method of getting press releases and other stories out from the party, right? I mean everyone knows that, right? It's just a standard comm's tactic." There's the money quote from Sona's interview (transcribed by Alison), with regard to the cozy link between StunTV and the CPC, further developed by Big City Lib's blogpost here.


Anonymous said...

WoW! Excellent Article!! I too hope he spends time in Jail.


Kev said...

This is the second such interview I've seen Sona give lately, it is clear he has decided to go on the offensive, if the kid knows anything it won't be long before he spills the beans.

deBeauxOs said...

He probably doesn't know anything.

If he was valuable to the CPC in that way, he wouldn't have been thrown under the bus.

Jymn said...

Thank you Alison and deBeauxOs!

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