Monday, 25 February 2013

Fully Funded, Any Time, Any Reason

Well, this isn't working very well.

Virulent anti-choice Jeff Watson, MP for Essex, Ontario, had an notion for a poll at his website.

Recently, as parliament debated M-312 to establish a committee to re-examine Canada's 400 year-old law defining a human being, the founder and Executive Director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada called fully taxpayer-funded abortion, at any time, for any reason - including for sex-selection or as birth control - a basic woman's right.

Which best describes your position:

3464 total votes

I support fully taxpayer-funded abortion, at any time in the pregnancy, for any reason at all: 76%

I support some legal restrictions on access to abortion, for example restricting full access to abortion to the first trimester of pregnancy: 9%

I support abortion for any reason but it shouldn't be taxpayer-funded: 1%

I support creative policy options and supports that help women with unexpected pregnancies keep the baby: 2%

I support a complete ban on abortion: 10%

When our pal Alison at Creekside alerted us to this about 12 hours ago, there were just over 2716 votes, but the proportions were essentially the same: one point less then for some restrictions and one point more for total ban.

Let's repeat that, shall we?

Over three-quarters of Canadians support fully taxpayer-funded abortion, at any time in the pregnancy, for any reason at all.

UPDATE: The poll is still open and the fetus fetishists must be freeping. Total ban is up a point and totally lawless is down a point. Votey-vote-vote.

FURTHER UPDATE: Aha. PZ Myers linked to the poll. Alison says: 'It's PZ Myers vs the foeterz! My money's on PZ.' Mine too.

And here's the proof of the freeping.

UPDATE at 7:00 p.m.: Now 5148 votes. Fully funded, any time, any reason down to 58%. Total ban up to 29%. Proof that fetus fetishists are better freepers. Sane people get bored.


Anonymous said...

As of 4:04 PM CST the values are total ban: 50%, fully funded: 36%. Seems like a media stunt by Jeff to "legitimize" his viewpoint by soliticiting general viewpoints in an "unbiased" forum. Any poll where you can vote multiple times has no merit whatsoever.

fern hill said...

@Anonymous: It was freeped by both sides. First by PZ Myers and his hilarious atheist sciency followers, then by fetus fetishists when they got the call-out from LifeShite.

Of course such polls have no merit. But they are fun.

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