Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Jailbirds

*Sigh*. One of the Jubilee Jailbirds has been arrested again.

Yes, Linda Gibbons is up to her one-trick-pony trick again. Outside an abortion clinic, but according to the LieShite story, now with supporters. Plural.

One of her supporters had a video camera, proof at the link.

Maybe Linda wanted to join her pal Mary Wagner, who is still in jail, to show her what her little trinket looks like. Mary will get one too, courtesy of one of Canada's fetus fetishizing MPs, Maurice Vellacott.

In Canada, we celebrate the Queen's Jubilee by giving commemorative medals to convicted serial clinic harassers.

A petition asking the Governor General to correct this travesty is here.

BONUS: At Twitter, on the Zombie Hashtag #M312, insane fetus fetishists (well, only one so far) are tweeting about abortion as a satanic ritual.
Letting SmokeOut ‏@LettingSmokeOut
“Satanists view an abortion to be the most highly valued form of human sacrifice." Former satanist, Doc Marquis ‪#m312‬ ‪#ProChoice‬
Letting SmokeOut ‏@LettingSmokeOut
Abortion & the occult: a look inside life at a death mill ‪ …‬ ‪#cdnpoli‬ ‪#m312‬ ‪#ProChoice‬ = Death ‪#Obama2012‬ ‪#p2‬ ‪#WarOnWomen‬
Well, 'tis the season, after all.

(Check out the holiday decorations at A Creative Revolution.)


JJ said...

"Only one so far": LOL. There are only two(2) - possibly 3 - tweeting there, SUZANNE & JP. Their persistent jabbering is a pathetic attempt to make it look like a lot more, but anyone with a functioning brain stem can see what's going on.

I love the "Zombie Hashtag", that's great. The Night of the Living Dead Hashtags, eh?

fern hill said...

I thought it might be a Halloween tradition for fetus fetishists to write/talk about devil-worship and abortion. I was hoping more would get into it.

And 'Zombie Hashtag' looks much better with caps. Will fix. Thanks for the improvement.

Antonia Z said...

I can't confirm this but it comes from a friend who knows a lot about this stuff. She posted it on my Facebook wall:

Before she started doing this go to jail schtick she volunteered at a place across the street from Regent Park with a big sign that said "Abortion Information", the "information" was all about abortion is murder, your baby's heart is beating etc. She was homeless & collected welfare and at night she slept in the office. None of these assholes who cheer her on, (many of whom are very comfortably off) ever seemed to provide her with a job, or a place to live. I guess when she needs a place to go, she goes to jail.

deBeauxOs said...

That, sadly enough, sounds like typical anti-Choice heartlessness.

Many so-called "prolife" spew glurge and platitudes about the unborn but when it comes to helping the not-unborn like Gibbons who have fallen on hard times, they do nothing - or worse than nothing, they likely encouraged her to commit these crimes, since she had "nothing" to lose if she went to jail.

Anonymous said...

She is totally exploited by the antis. Instead of cheering her on, someone needs to take her by the hand and help her find a better way to express her opinion and look after herself. That would be the Christian thing to do, but I guess she's too valuable to them doing what she's doing. So under the bus she goes.

Anonymous said...

good post here, about the pro-life movement and the violence it inspires in Canada:

fern hill said...

Good post on encounters with clinic harassers/bullies and the Fetus Mobile people.

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