Tuesday 4 September 2012

Woody's Last Stand

Yee haw! Join the last stand for Motion 312!

The website lists five important 'facts', including this one:

3) Evey political party in Canada is opposing Motion 312.  Prime Minister Stephen Haper made it clear that he will vote against it.

But fear not! They have 4 million (ignorant) weapons they're about to unleash.
5) There are over 4,000,000 evangelical Christians in Canada.  That means 4 million people who have no excuse for ignoring the abuse of our unborn children (Psalm82:2-4).  Nearly 4 million people, however, who have no idea what Motion 312 is and have not yet contacted their MP in favor of it.
Yay! Four million ignoramuses! Who have failed to twig despite nearly nine months of SHRIEEKING by fetus fetishists!

Now for the threat! With wizard spelling!
You now know all that you need to know.  The responsibility is yours to act, to be the voice of millions who cannot speak for themselves!  How will you do that? On September 7, 2012 we will be anouncing [sic] a plan that will innundate [sic] our parliament with a message they can't possibly ignore!  Stay connected and spread the word!  We must act as one body in unison to make this work. We cannot fail our children!

And the Facebook link doesn't work.

Behold the 'last stand' of what JJ calls Profiles in Cluelessness.
But then again, why not: it’s in line with the haphazard and utterly clueless way the rest of the M312 campaign has been run, a confused and riotous crusade of Twitterspam, fetusmobiles, inconsistencies, transparent lies and general dumbness.  For an initiative thought by some to be the last kick at the anti-abortion can for a long, long time, the ineptitude of its handling has been breathtaking to behold.

And fun to watch.  Did I mention fun to watch?

Also, mercifully, soon over. The vote is scheduled for September 26.


JJ said...

3 weeks & 1 day til the idiotic Motion 312 bites the dust. I look forward to it; I especially look forward to the collective martyrgasm & persecution high that will ensue afterwards. Ha!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You can have too many martyrgasms.


Sixth Estate said...

Yes! We will "fail our children" if we don't immediately commission a Parliamentary committee to conduct a thoughtful and penetrating inquiry into legal and philosophical definitions of life!

Wait, what?

Sheesh. They're not even trying anymore, are they?

choice joyce said...

Haha, good one! Well their FB link works now, and they have a grand total of 79 likes so far. (Omg, we're done for!)

Thanks a lot for this, I just saw it now and I must say great minds think alike ;-) I just finished writing a piece for Rabble for Friday, on the theme of M-312 stupidity and other anti-choice failures and ineptitudes, so we are on the exact same page! Except my 'page' is not nearly as funny as yours. well...not really funny at all :-( You have a gift!

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