Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Asking For It, part 2

As Kay Mère has repeatedly demonstrated, not only is she tone deaf with regard to women's issues, her rigid rightwing blinkers also make her rabidly anti-feminist.

Over and over again she has clumsily yielded her hatred as a battering ram in situations requiring rational thinking and common sense judgement.

When she fixed her gaze upon the response to one tweet, she missed the basic message.

Don't rape.

It's that simple and basic. Responsibility and accountability for one's actions. No man - or woman, since sexual assault laws do not discriminate on the basis of gender - can justify forcibly coercing someone to have sex with them, no matter how their victim is clothed, or not.

But MASSIVE scold Kay mère has already designated the villains on this issue, the people she perpetually blames for all evil in society: feminists.

Can you identify how many kinds of wrong Kay shrieeeks about here?
Dressing like a slut – and nobody has to define it; we know it when we see it – may have started as an ironic fashion trend, the same as ripped jeans, but it has now become an activist costume, and strutting one’s sexual charms in a mimicry of prostitutes’ behaviour an act of political theatre.

What is forgotten in this “rights” performance is that real women — the ones most at risk of assault by men who crave their services but who have nothing but contempt for them as people — are being mocked. Most prostitutes would give their eye teeth to be “respectable” women wearing respectable clothing. They dress the way they do, because they have to. When women who don’t have to dress like prostitutes do so anyway, they are mocking society’s their most vulnerable sisters.
Strangely, Kay has nothing to say about the way Krista Ford and the members of the Lingerie Football League choose to dress, not even pronouncing judgement on whether their attire is "respectable" enough for Kay's impeccable standards of respectability.

Oh, and your piteous bleating about *mocking society's most vulnerable sisters*? Shove your faux-solidarity up your sanctimonious orifice, won't you?

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Kay and other enraged anti-feminist ladies against women embody Poe's Law.

To complement Barbara Kay's gynophobic views, I posted a trailer for a clever horror movie that explores what might happen if women evolved physiological weaponry that cut down rapists at the root of the problem.

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