Monday 30 July 2012

Today in M312 News

I started the conversation here. I reported on the first reply from the author of Woodworth's Wank, aka M312, here and what I thought would be the end of it here.

But no. There's more. From today's email:
I`m sorry that you find an honest attempt to initiate an evidence based dialogue about the important implications of a law which deems to be non-human children who are in all likelihood as humans as you and I to be insulting. Rest assured that I do not consider scientifically descriptive evidence of the development of a child to be a "circus", regardless of what might occur elsewhere.   I simply believe we all have a grave and clear duty of conscientious objection when faced by a law like subsection 223(1) which constitutes an assault on the principle of universal human rights.

My staff apologizes for the typographical error which you so importantly noted.
Typical Con, eh? Superiority, condescension, snark, and blame shifting. Some crappy sentence structure to boot.

I am leaving the conversation here.

In other M312-related news, there's a new arrow in the fetus fetishists' quiver. Yet another website pressing the 'personhood' gambit.

But like the zygote zealots yipping on Twitter and blogs, this gang didn't get the memo about M312 NOT being about abortion atall atall.

Look what adorns its Contact your MP page.

The usual headless, featureless incubator with the All Important Fetus.

And look who holds the copyright. A gang called Life Issues Institute. Surprise! It's USian!

We don't want this BS in Canada. Contact your MP and tell her or him that.


JJ said...

W00t! Great Post.

"The headless, featureless incubator"... ain't that the truth.

Motion 312: Soooooo not about abortion!

Beijing York said...

I see that they think of miscarriages as abortion. Some more bogus "stats" manipulations. And that new "Canadian" site is so over-the-top -"the Banff Springs snail has more rights [blah, blah, blah]."

Anonymous said...

What evidence?? We know Woody's agenda - complete white, male androcentric & patriarchal asshole.
Human heart cells in a petri dish move Does this prove it is a 'person'?

Do they really think the majority of women will allow and except this Minority of biased, Evangelical/Religious ideology to prevail over Science & Women's "Personhood Rights"? Woodworth is nothing but a religious zealot, along with the flock that follows & praises him.

Equally disturbing, as JJ notes above, "The headless, featureless incubator". This picture unto itself represents what they think of women & their rights - irrelevant, sex objects & "incubators". Such a disgrace. Cannot wait until Election 2015, or maybe GG will do his job & call for Royal Commission to boot their REFORM asses to the curb. They do not represent the majority of Canadians, and especially not the majority of Canadian Women!

Signed, Disgusted!


Anonymous said...

Stephen "embr-Yoda" Woodworth punted the bogus "debate" past the summer break by trading his HOC floor yapping time with another MP. Come September, when #M312 comes up again, it's time for him to present his "experts" and let the sane MPs knock this whack-a-mole back in its hole. No more suspended animation for the fetus fetushists.


liberal supporter said...

Every "child in the womb" has been protected since 1969. You can no more chop off a person's arm than abort a fetus if the owner of said body part does not agree.

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