Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lawlessness Is Good

Maddow demonstrates how frighteningly fast a fringe element can seize power and radically alter what was thought to be a settled matter.


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In the 2010 election, which swept all those RWNJs into the US Congress and, more importantly, state houses, five Republican Senate candidates supported removing exemptions for rape and incest victims from abortion bans. (Four out of five lost.)

As of now, eight USian states have enacted laws removing those exemptions. Maddow stresses that before 2010 such a thing was anathema to even the most conservative antichoice politicians.


Now it is the law of the land in eight states. See how that works? You have a law. Some nutbar doesn't like it, wants to tinker with it.

Tinker, tinker. Gestational limits. Method bans. Mandatory ultrasounds. Personhood initiatives. And today, bogus fetal-pain based gestational limits upheld.

Tinker, tinker, tinker.

And now, the crack-down on rape and incest victims.

In Canada we don't have a law on abortion. Here abortion is a private, elective procedure regulated by medical bodies.

No law, no tinkering.

Woodworth's Wankers and supporters want a law they can tinker with. Any law.

We won't let them take the first step. Motion 312 will be crushed.

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