Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Antichoice "pre-dead" embrace rebranding for youth.

“The young people seem to be taking over all the older groups and it’s hugely re-energizing,” said 23-year-old Jonathon Van Maren, communications director with the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. “And I think that the older generation is recognizing that new tactics, new ideas, new blood in the movement is really what’s going to change it.”

He says youth have come in “droves” to the movement in the last few years.

“I spoke to a rally of older people and I remember the pro-life leader there said ‘Thank God you guys are taking over, now we can finally die.’ They were very worried there because there weren’t people in the pro-life movement and just in the last couple of years it’s just skyrocketed.”

That assertion tends to be anecdotal. Golob says membership in the CLC Youth group has grown to the thousands, but she doesn’t know precisely how many of those have joined in the last few years.
From here, with our emphasis.

On Twitter, CBC Parliament reporter Laura Payton posted some antichoice quotes from Allisa Golob of Campaign Life Coalition.

Throwing out reasons why women may have abortions, Golob says some women don't want to be fat for 9 months.
Anecdotal indeed. Is that why Faytene keeps herself anorectically thin? Fear of pregnancy fat?


Anonymous said...

the more I think about it, the misogyny is pretty much out in the open here. every comment thread that I have read so far about abortion has these themes:

1) women who don't want to get pregnant should use birth control and/or not have sex

2) women think that their *rights* are more important than the rights of the unborn/males/grandparents etc etc.

3) these fucking feminists are just using abortion as a way to force their so-called superiority over everyone and maybe if they'd just stop having abortions they would realise they are not better than men/the unborn.

Beijing York said...

Don't forget that women are vain (can't take looking fat), irresponsible (can't be relied upon to keep her legs closed) or lazy (this pregnancy thing is harder than I thought).

And I agree Anon, we are bossy feminists out to impose our choice on society.

fern hill said...

JJ notes that The Star is participating in propoganda with that direct link to Centre for Blob Gore.

Shame on The Star.

rww said...

1) is wrong because using birth control is a sin and all real women want to be pregnant all the time

Kevin Wood said...

the money quote in that story is still this;
But since those institutions orchestrate pro-life events, she remains skeptical about motivation. Catholic schools send classes on field trips to the March for Life, so of course young people are there, she said.

Indeed, when asked why he was attending a recent pro-life student conference in Toronto, 17-year-old high-school student John shrugged and said “it’s mandatory.”

deBeauxOs said...

Anonymous at 5:04, by "here" do you mean this blog, DAMMIT JANET!

liberal supporter said...

They keep confusing legal life with biological life. You stop breathing or at least exchanging oxygen, you are soon biologically dead, yet you continue to be legally alive, like some artificially reanimated zombie, until you are declared dead. Or deemed dead. Or your will is probated. So the definition of life is a convenient legal fiction, intended to define our rights to benefit us and our families.

Anonymous said...

no, by 'here'
i was referring to:

"From here, with our emphasis." (from the op)

Anonymous said...

liberal supporter: they also like saying that 'life' and 'personhood' and 'rights' should not be given by the state..that they are given by GOD!!!!

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