Wednesday, 9 May 2012

PMSHithead hires big guns ...

... to fight Helena Guergis' civil suit against him and other members of the Harper Regime©™.
In December, lawyers for Guergis filed a lawsuit in an Ottawa court against Harper, the Conservative party, and several other people for $1.3 million over her 2010 ejection from the Tory caucus over allegations of improper conduct.

The allegations in the statement of claim — none of which have been proven in a court — came after a lengthy period during which Guergis publicly complained she had been mistreated by her former boss and political colleagues.

Now, as the plaintiff in a civil lawsuit, she is seeking compensation for damage she alleges those actions inflicted on her public reputation.

Specifically, with regards to Harper's actions, her 31-page statement of claim seeks damages from the prime minister for his alleged "conspiracy, defamation, misfeasance in public office, intentional infliction of mental suffering, and negligence." [...]

In the lawsuit, Guergis alleges those being sued conspired to present various allegations about her behaviour — including fraudulent activity, extortion, association with prostitutes, and cocaine use (including "snorting" the drug off a prostitute's breast).

All the allegations are false and defamatory and have "resulted in damage to the plaintiff's reputation," as well as her "political career, health, and well-being," says her statement of claim.

Guergis was in Harper's cabinet as minister of state for the status of women. That ended suddenly in April 2010 when Harper announced that his office had become aware of "serious allegations'' regarding her conduct which he was forwarding to the RCMP and to the ethics commissioner.

Harper did not publicly identify the nature of the allegations, and Guergis says she was not told by the prime minister.

Guergis was booted from cabinet and the Tory caucus, and the party later removed her as its candidate in the southern Ontario riding of Simcoe-Grey.

In the statement of claim, lawyers for Guergis allege the allegations about her behaviour were put forward as a method to remove her from the Tory fold.

Above, Stevie Grudgiepants and Guergis, in Happier Days.

Here at DJ! we have produced much criticism about Guergis and her role in the roiling incompetence of the ReformaTory Cabinet. But we've also noted that the CPC old boys' club is quick to withdraw privileges, entitlements and protection from its honourary female members when it's CONvenient.

We want Guergis to have her day in court - thus the manner in which PMSHithead conducted his vendetta against her is entered in the public record, and stands as one more element of this repulsive man's political legacy.

Update: Stevie's former head bully-boy has retaliated in court.

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