Thursday 10 May 2012

Let the Arguing Begin

Today is the March of the Feti!

Every year, the fetus fetishists make wild claims about attendance.

Last year they said there were 15,000 people on the Hill. By chance, I ran across a screen shot from the Parliament Hill Cam that was taken right around what observers said was the peak, before the marching began.

Here it is:

According to the schedule for today's bunfest: gather at noon, listen to a bunch of glurge, start marching at 1:30.

Today's screenshots.

Just about 1:15, someone tweeted that the marching had begun.

Peak looks to me to be at the 1:00 mark.

And doesn't the crowd look smaller than last year?

Which would be weird, given all the hoohaw going on with Woodworth's Wank.

What do you think?

We'll have to wait for the spin.

There's a lot riding on it this year. JJ, dBO, and I are making bets on what the wild claim will be. I've got 20K, JJ has 22K and dBO has 25K.

You got $10 and a guess?

ADDED: Here how Buckets did the math last year.

UPDATE: First number, from LifeShite: 19,500!

UPDATE from deBeauxOs who was not there but read a tweet from CBC reporter Brigitte Bureau, the Ottawa cops said 2,000. Heh. Who knew they were prochoice?

MORE UPDATE: CTV agrees that the numbers seemed lower than last year.

UPDATE: En français: Brigitte Bureau from Radio-Canada says more than 10,000.

UPDATE: Via CBC, RCMP estimate 10,000. Why, that would make LifeShite's claim just about DOUBLE. That's some chutzpah.

UPDATE: Via JJ a MASSIVE slap in the face from the Ottawa Sun (!!!!!!11!)
A much smaller crowd than expected slowed traffic during the March for Life on downtown Ottawa streets Thursday.

Organizers claimed they were expecting more than 15,000 pro-life supporters to converge on Parliament Hill. However, today's crowd on a cool, blustery spring afternoon is estimated at perhaps 4,000 people.

AAAAND: Johnny 'Tubesock Holocaust' Paycheck is REVVED.

RUH-ROH: Looking better for JJ. 680 News says more than 20,000. Let the inflation begin!

UPDATE FRIDAY: Somebody got to the Ottawa Sun.


Anonymous said...

Scott Tribe and the PB's who sided with him are not just douches, they are naive d-bags

I was browsing socon's site and came across this:

Ten Pro-Life Wedges to Bring Down Abortion

incrementalism: a policy of making changes, esp. social changes, by degrees; gradualism.

1)gendercide abortions
2) parental consent
3) informed consent
4) forced coerced abortions
5) unborn victims of crime
6) decaptitation abortions
7) fetal pain
8) tax payer funding
9) freedom
10) economic collapse

GEE, it sure looks as if the pro-life movement in the USA is wholeheartedly embracing every single one of these wedge issues to incrementally remove a womans right to an abortion.

And Woodworth and pals are working on some of them up here most recently:

1) gendercide
5) unborn victims of crime
8) tax payer funding

so for scott and his mentally deficient buddies to suggest that Woodworth is just 'innocently' wanting to talk about fetal development is probably the most naive viewpoint I can imagine.

(and apologies for using douchebag if it offends anyone, but I really cannot think of anything else that would describe scott tribe and pals)

Niles said...

Maybe they weren't allowed to fauxcrowd busloads of Catholic school kids promised school credits for beng used as warm bodies/pawns this year. It's always handy when you have a captive population fed on your particular brand of truthiness when it comes to claiming general support of youth.

Because we all know how Good Catholic teenagers are staying abstinent before marriage.

Toe said...

Wouldn't it be 'awful' if there was a mass Rapture?

deBeauxOs said...

Um. Looks like I'll be forking over $10. to you, fh!

Gristle McThornbody said...

Okay, I've done a rough head count in last year's and this year's photos. I take it they are counting in 'guy inches' where 3.5 = 8?

fern hill said...

Good one. :D

deBeauxOs said...

Actually, it would be quite entertaining, I'd think!


JJ said...

Me too.
But it's also quite possible that as the days and weeks unfold, the numbers they're claiming will *expand*

Cold North Wind said...

mass Rapture !!!! Especially if captured by the Hill webcams ! :)

choice joyce said...

Jim Hughes of Campaign Life Coalition claims an accurate March count each year based on this system:

He's claiming he counted 19,500 this year! Maybe he got confused and added a zero. Or maybe he didn't get confused, and added a zero.

fern hill said...

Woo. That's some system. Totally, absotively, MASSIVELY accurate, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

so I am reading the cbc report on this
and someone in comments says:

"Well over 50%, I would guess roughly 65%-70%, were children. There were bus loads and bus loads of them sent from the Catholic school boards on a mandatory "field trip". They were dropped off at the National Gallery of Canada, as well as the church across the street, where the took group photo-ops and then ran around like children (since thats what they are), until the adults told them it was time to march.

Most of these children had little to no idea why there were there, which was evident by their blank stares and spening more time on their cell phones than anything else.

I feel bad for them. To be exploited like that and indoctrinated to be full of hate is simply wrong. "

choice joyce said...

I liked the system they used at the March for Women's Lives in Washington DC in April 2004. An army of 2500 volunteers went around giving coloured "Count Me In" stickers to everyone to wear. The stickers were pre-counted and those not used subtracted. They managed to sticker nearly all participants, with a count of 1.15 million marchers. Media and police estimates were lower.

fern hill said...

That does sound workable.

fern hill said...

Lotta comments at the link.

They've always bussed kids in, then crowed about 'the youth turn-out'. Like the kids had any choice. (Hee)

Their October bunfest -- to coordinate with USian fetus fetishists -- happens on our Thanksgiving weekend. On a Sunday. So, you know, because of Thxgiving and lousy Canadian October weather (and no forced bussing of kids), the turn-out is, you know, lower.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! According to their schedule they are now doing this: 10:00 pm to 7:00 am
All-night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, ending with 7:00 am Mass, St. Patrick Basilica 220 Kent Street (use side street entrance)

Tell me no one's getting knocked up at that thing!

JJ said...

Oh, the cognitive dissonance, it burrrrrrrrns.

Every year they get about the same turnout -- a very respectable 7-10,000, nothing wrong with that - and then work themselves into a frenzy trying to convince everyone that it was more: not just more, but orders of freaking magnitude more.

Also, it's the only rally I can think of that's held mid-week, so they can access the schoolkids. Imagine if it was held on a weekend when all those busloads of kids had a *choice* about attending it. Even with the additional Mon-Fri working stiffs that might show up, without the Legions of Catholic Schoolchildren the numbers would be significantly reduced. They set it up this way themselves, yet they can't see that?? It's mindblowing.

Same kind of cognitive dissonance that allows them to think of a freeped facebook contest as a "win".


fern hill said...

There's a 'correction' from the Ottawa Sun. I just posted and left a comment at your place, JJ.

Beijing York said...

Hi Anon. I would add 7) fetal pain as tying in with M-312. They will use new technology as a ruse to examine heartbeats and pain and fetal viability.

fern hill said...

I agree with Anon and BY. Tax-payer funding has always polled best for them in Canada. Never over 50%, but in the 40%s would defund at least in some cases.

And I'd add 10) as a corollary to 7): AUSTERITY!

Kayvee1000 said...

To see what 20,000+ ppl on PH looks like, go on Canada Day - LOL. The only station that reported on the presence of pro-choice protesters, showing the barricades between the two sides was CBC, which of course these pictures do not exhibit.

I find it an interesting fact that Ms. Tasha Kheiriddin, who is the co-host of CTV NewsChannel’s National Affairs, is also Director of the Manning Centre . This is just another disturbing cog in the media wheel and one that has certainly impacted my view, or now, lack thereof CTV.

The amalgamation of once separate entities of MSM has now been infected by Mega Corps and far Right interests. The once Guardianship role that media once played is being challenged by those that accept this role with integrity, and those that have lost this innate professional responsibility. It is now up to Canadians to take responsibility to determine which one’s exist to promulgate Radical Right propaganda, and those that deliver *REAL* news.

Anonymous said...

"Like the kids had any choice. (Hee)"

I'm sure some of the kids had a choice. The choice between being bored at school or getting a free school-approved (so no serious worries about missed homework) trip to Parliament Hill.

JJ said...

Hahahahaha, a "correction" or a "re-write dictated by foetishists"?

Somebody got to them alright!
I figured it would happen, thus the screenshots. What a mickey-mouse operation: even bloggers clarify edits, especially heavy ones.

fern hill said...

Whaddaya mean 'even bloggers'?? We are principled, dammit!

Following your wise example, I do screenshots when dealing with the known liars and goalpost shifters. But I didn't think they'd be necessary for a MSM outlet. Even the Sun.

Now I know. Screenshoot everything.

JJ said...

We are obviously more principled than the sun. (They don't deserve a capital S.)

What I meant was, we don't get paid to do what we do, yet even so, most of us are pretty fastidious about doing things right: linking, noting sources, noting changes made to blogposts after the fact, etc.

The sun could take a page from our "books" ;)

Toe said...

Tasha Kheriddin, wingnut welfare case!!!

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