Friday, 24 February 2012

We hate to say we told you so but ...

actually, we do like to say "We told you so!" though in this case it's not triumphant, simply an observation that DAMMIT JANET! suggested there was something fishy about the robocalling scam.

Right after elxn41, we urged journalists to investigate the curious matter of phone calls to folks ^NOT identified as CONtempt Party supporters.

Some of the robocalls were harassment, some gave false instructions about voting on Election Day and deliberately directed people to non-existent polls locations. None of the calls said they had been initiated by the CONservative Party; in fact some claimed they were from Elections Canada.

More election fraudulence? The Cons are furiously trying to distance themselves from this stinking mess and bets have been placed: many think this political operative will take the blame and be thrown under the expediency bus ... only to be eventually resuscitated and recycled by Stevie's Politburo, no doubt. Cheating and fraud, as well as getting away with it has become an achievement of the reformatories.

Susan Delacourt makes interesting connections about voter apathy.

At Dawg's Blawg, the combined research capabilities and political acumen of Alison at Creekside and the Dr are on top of the story.

In May last year, I attended an evening of information sharing about political websites and discovered the awesomeness that is The Pundits' Guide to Canadian Federal Elections. Check it out.

That's Michael Sona - the putative *masturmind* of the CONs' robocalls scam, lurking in the background.


Anonymous said...

Where *do* you get these photos? Coultergeist, Little Ezra Munster & Steve's latest suicide bumbler in the same pic.

Good work!


deBeauxOs said...

We haz *unfriends* in low places. Also, Google image is fabulously invasive.

"Suicide bumbler"!!! I love it.

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