Friday, 24 February 2012

RoboScam: RackNine Paid in US Dollars?

Right now there are more questions than answers in the RoboScam election fraud affair. (I had no idea we [ok, deBeauxOs] here at DAMMIT JANET! had been on this for so loooong.)

Here is my question for now.

Why were some RackNine invoices either billed in or paid in US currency?

It's an Edmonton company working a Canadian election.

Have a look at the invoices, receipts, and emails.

The invoice to Leon Benoit's campaign has a note about the amount in equivalent Canadian dollars.

Jason Kenney's invoice has a scribble at bottom near the total that looks like 'US $'.

Yet noted on the RackNine invoices:
Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the supplier all invoices are payable on or before the due date noted above, in the currency of the invoice drawn on a bank based in Canada or by such other method as agreed in advance by RackNine Inc.

The RackNine receipts specify CAD beside the amount, but invoices just say 'Total (in $)'.

Do Conservatives love the US so much they prefer to use its currency?

Or was it an attempt to limit Elections Canada's jurisdiction?

And more questions: Alison has questions about connections between Campaign Research and deniability in general and the robocalls in particular.

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Anonymous said...

What I read quite some time ago was. Harper had a many times convicted American felon, Bruce Carson working for him. Felon Carson and his ex prostitute girlfriend were guests in Harper's home. When Harper got caught with this felon, Carson made a mad dash back to the U.S. It was said, some of the robocalls were out of North Dakota. An American web site, presscore said, Harper's election win was rigged. This was to be able, to start-up the NAU. This border talk between Harper and Obama is just a scam. If you Google: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations, this was on Sept. 25/2007. You will then see Harper's evil agenda.

I don't doubt, there were robocalls out of Canada. The calls also went to Manitoba, and I forget where else they said.

This wasn't the only election fraud, Harper committed. He campaigned on a Calgary radio station, ON ELECTION DAY, also highly corrupt.

So as we see...Harper didn't know he had a felon working for him. He didn't know about the robocalls. He didn't know he shouldn't campaign over the radio, on election day. I'm not buying it. This is all election fraud, plain and simple. And, shame on Elections Canada. Canadians must never trust Elections Canada, ever, never again. This is corruption, in the worst degree.

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