Friday, 24 February 2012

That's how the CONs roll.

Michael Sona Fired Guelph

As we predicted, Michael Sona took the fall. Stevie's Politburo now hopes the whole stinking robocall mess will stop drawing attention to the CONtempt Party's unscrupulous, unethical and quite likely, illegal tactics.

But not so fast. Here's an example of what happens to CPC political operatives who get thrown under the bus.

Is it a scam or a miraculous resuscitation?

Added: A prediction that Sona will have a cushy landing and will be offered employment at the Canadian Olympic Committee because of this connection.

Also you MUST read Alison at Creekside for more connect-the-dots goodness.


Zorpheous said...

So Michael Sona was let go because of the his ballot box gusto during the election?

So how does this clear the smoke of the Mr. RobotoCaller?

Do we even have the account holders name from RackNine yet?

Right now Stevie's internal lawyers are conducting their own "Private Investigation" read, make sure there is no possible back tract to the PMO.

I don't think there will be any resolution to this scandal, but I think this should be a club in the next election to beat Harpy to political death with

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Alykhan Velshi. He got buried/rolled in the 'gravy' as a board member of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund of all things.


Gloria said...

Harper didn't know, Bruce Carson was a convicted American felon either. If we knew about the robocalls months ago, so did Harper. I guess Harper didn't know, he shouldn't campaign over a Calgary radio station, on election day either?

Harper is the supposed leader of Canada. The robocalls are his responsibility. He should be forced to resign.

Anonymous said...

Insider connections can be revealing ~

Following the link about connections - M. Sona just left his job with MP Eve Adams who is reported to be close to Dmitri Soudas, ex-director of communications(!) for the PMO, who has reappeared as Executive Director of Communications(!!) for the Olympic committee.

Soudas was 27 when he first joined the PMO's office - not so much older than 23 year-old Sona.
Soudas was also at the centre of allegations of political interference and providing incorrect information to the PM.
Sounds like a good mentor for robo-calls ~

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!

- a quote from Walter Scott, 1808

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