Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tebowing for Dummies

Tim (The Un-Laid and Un-Aborted) Tebow is something of a fave here at DJ!.

American Talibaners love him for his glurgey, hey-mom-look-at-me Xianity.

But now, some meanies are mocking his sanctimonious football-field displays. Waaaaahhh!


Tebowing is an attack on Xianity!!!!!!
“Tebowing,” should the term be unfamiliar, takes its name from another quarterback, current Denver Broncos play caller Tim Tebow. More specifically, the term designates the now-viral mockery of his habit of kneeling down and bowing his head after a touchdown to commune with his God.

As Foster writes with more than a hint of indignation, Tebowing his become an Internet phenomenon, with its own website, a Twitter account, and most recently a YouTube video titled “Tebowing for Dummies.”

Here's the original harrumph from someone named Daniel Foster at National Review Online.
When the Detroit Lions’ Stephen Tulloch sacked Tim Tebow in the first quarter of their week eight matchup, the linebacker immediately kneeled next to the prone Denver quarterback, in a mockery of Tebow’s habit of praying on-field, most recently seen after his miraculous fourth-quarter comeback against the Dolphins the week before.

The insult coincided with and reinforced the explosion of “Tebowing” as an Internet meme, complete with a Twitter account and web-site. There you can see an act of communion with one’s creator rendered as a bit of pop-cultural ephemera, and you can scroll through pictures of folks striking the pose everywhere from Oxford to Istanbul, with that muddle of irony and enthusiasm that has become my generation’s trademark.

Yup. The kids are all right.

ADDED: Aaaaand . . . yes, there it is. From the Freaks, where I found this silliness.
I think much of the anger and hate comes from the fact that Tebow wasn't aborted as had been recommended.

A-yup. We sane people hate unaborted people.


Jymn Parrett said...

I just Tebowed in the break room in honour of your post.

k'in said...

Ah fern - you said Tebow! :)

Beijing York said...

I laughed then I tebowed, thankful for the mirth.

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