Friday, 9 December 2011

Dept of Duh: Abortion Does NOT Raise Mental Health Risk.

Here we go again. From the Department of Duh.

No. Abortion does not raise mental health risk.
Abortion does not raise the risk of a woman suffering mental health problems, a major review by experts concludes.

Data from 44 studies showed women with an unwanted pregnancy have a higher incidence of mental health problems in general.

This is not affected by whether or not they have an abortion or give birth.

It is the unwanted pregnancy that is the stressor. NOT the abortion.

While this particular study was undertaken a few years ago, the (non)issue was raised recently with the publication in a 'scholarly' journal of more bullshit from the usual suspects, in this case our pal, Priscilla Coleman.
Recalibrate your SHRIIEEEEK-o-meters! Abortion increases your risk of insanity by 81% !!!!!!11! Or even by 230%!!!1!!!1

The American Psychological Association has debunked this one over and over and over.

Here's a real scientist demolishing Coleman's methodology.

And here he is again taking the editors of the journal to task for shirking some pretty big responsibilities in her case.

He has a list of nine bullet points of 'non-controversial criteria' that should have been considered in accepting her piece of dreck paper for publication, ending with:
Conflicts of interest and sources of support were not acknowledged. The serious conflict of interest is that Coleman and one of her co-authors have gone on record strongly opposing women's right to choose to have an abortion and to try to instill fear in women by raising concerns about mental health effects. Readers should have been made aware of these statements.

Coleman and her gang's GLARING conflict of interest has been well known since 2007.

Can we stop taking these nutters seriously now? Please?

Nah, I didn't think so.

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