Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Language of the season.

One of canadian cynic's tweets directs our attention to this:
Suspicious Conservatives are vetting guests to their annual caucus Christmas party in Ottawa Wednesday night, ensuring there are no spies or interlopers in the crowd. Anyone, who is not a bona fide member of Stephen Harper’s team (lobbyists and journalists, for example) must be in a committed relationship with one in order to gain entry. [...]

The invitation is very clear about who is – and who is not – allowed to come and tip a glass of Christmas cheer: “If you choose to bring a guest,” it reads, “please ensure that he or she is a close personal acquaintance, unless he or she is your partner, is not a lobbyist, consultant, or journalist, or employed in a similar capacity, and is not there is
[sic] any commercial capacity.”
Am I correct in reading that as permission for Contempt Party MPs, VIPs and hacks to bring along a lobbyist, consultant, or media person - but only if they're currently fucking them?

Any bets on whether Bruce Carson will show up with Krista Erickson?

On an amusing note: Erickson before and after her StunTV venom-for-hire makeover.


Dr.Dawg said...

Heh. Nasty today, are we?

Love it. :)

Sixth Estate said...

Grammatically, I think it means you can bring a lobbyist along, but only if they're a friend.

Sixth Estate said...

Actually, the more I read it, the funnier it is. Since a straight reading of this is that they must be a close friend UNLESS they are your intimate partner -- in which case, you don't even have to be "close personal acquaintances!"

You don't have to be a friend to share a bed with someone, after all. Family values!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they've gotten someone to build them an automated liberal detector yet. It could check facebook pages and dispense complementary lumps of coal. Or they could just have the RCMP handle it again. Sigh.

fern hill said...

Do they have any notion of how mean and petty this makes them look?

On the other hand, do they give a shit?

deBeauxOs said...

And stoopid, mostly.

Beijing York said...

As if it's the best xmas party in town. Remember, last year Harper pretended to be a rawk star... (no wonder Laureen is shacking up with someone else).

deBeauxOs said...

I'm not adding a YouTube video of Stevie's pathetic garage band cover performance to my post, BY though I'll provide a clickable link to Laureen's best actress in a supporting role.

Anonymous said...

... so who's going to take Ezra as a date?

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