Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Fetushizers Are Coming!

The fetushizers* are coming! The fetushizers are coming!
One of Canada’s leading pro-life organizations is stepping up its efforts with a campaign aimed at completely ending abortion in Canada within 20 years.

“We don’t exist merely to fight abortion, but to actually end the killing,” says Stephanie Gray, co-founder and executive director of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform.

Last month, CCBR launched ‘EndtheKilling’, a vision for jump-starting pro-life activism across Canada through targeted educational campaigns and networking with pro-life groups throughout the country.

“We’re building an army, essentially, of foot soldiers,” explained Gray.

This is the gang behind the Fetus Mobile and the Holocaust = Abortion bullshit.

They are planning a MASSIVE new innovative campaign featuring -- wait for it -- Flyers! Signs! Dead fetus pr0n!

These wingnuts are going to double-down on poor Calgary and -- oooooo -- invade Toronto!
CCBR will focus its own efforts especially on Calgary, where they are currently based, and Toronto, where they plan to open a second office in the near future. They are counting on support from local pro-life groups to reach communities across the country.

By 2020, the organization aims to have every person in Calgary exposed to the graphic abortion images at least weekly, and the same for Toronto by 2030.

We're shaking in our boots here.

Nice of them though to give us warning. Time for clever and sane Torontonians to come up with some competition for this anti-fetus-fetishist campaign, or as it was sneakily disguised, Tubby Dogs' Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Methinks they got their work cut for them in Toronto, though. I regularly ride the streetcar that passes the Cabbagetown Women's Clinic. Over the last 40 Days of Harassment, I never saw more than two zygote zealots standing forlornly across the street holding their dopey signs.

*@Dr. Dawg: Sue me. ;-)

ADDED: Toronto has an idling bylaw. (Can't idle for more than 1 minute in 60 minutes.) Calgary seems to have only downloadable signs to remind drivers of the waste. When the Fetus Mobile comes to Toronto, perhaps vigilant citizens could keep an eye out for more than one-minute stops. Document with cell-phone photos and times and dates to be uploaded to a Fetus Mobile Watch site. After all, we don't want our air polluted any more than it is. Do we?


Beijing York said...

Sadly, it was more like 2 dozen outside the Women's Health Hospital in Winnipeg. I rarely go by there so I was surprised to see them blocking their entrance with their signs. There were a handful of choice advocates with hilarious signs. Best of all, the choice group, although small, were all young women.

Anonymous said...

They've been inflicting their tasteless, bully tactics on people in southern Alberta for a few years now, yet a recent poll showed that 84% of Albertans are pro-choice, up from 73% only two years ago. So is this new 20-year campaign a sign of frustration. Do they think the public isn't getting it so they have to shout louder, be even more obnoxious?

fern hill said...

Anonymous's link. I read about that survey. Fascinating.

deBeauxOs said...

Wow. In Blob Blogging WingNut's universe, the results of that survey would be MASSIVE - if it were in support of HER fetus lobby and zygote zealotry.

fern hill said...

Yeah, I thought SHE'd be impressed. I left a comment including the link on her post about the Mississippi personhood FAIL. Unaccountably, it hasn't appeared yet.

Niles said...

oh...yay. This 'army' of foot soldiers, aka a guiltgaggle of born again virgin martyrs, blocked all four sidewalk corners of a downtown intersection during Stampede with their pity party and placards.

If direct witness anecdotal evidence at the time was any indication, the only 'wounded' they encountered were people pissed off by the displays. Some people were very vocal about discontent with the displays. You couldn't really engage them at all, because stopping to do that clogged up the sidewalk even MORE for everyone trying to get back and forth.

I've also had to put up with the clown corpse truck in traffic. I still want to know, where do they get the photographs of fetuses allegedly aborted by wimmins whose only motives were being too eeeeevul to care about teh baibees? Inside operatives risking their lives in abortuaries to take seekrit pix of the untold sufferings? But still managing to do macro closeup focal point shots of the 'corpses' with extra lighting?

Are they using medical pix without attribution? Are they using stage blood and geek show dolls? Have they ever heard of colour correction or do they *intend* for their photos to look like garish restaurant dish photo menus (which I might add, the hot dog campaign plays off beautifully).

I've seen a lot of 'area 51 alien body' pix too. Without credible attribution of their 'artifacts', why should I give any credence to some fearmongering hysteric religious cult sector that's shilling-for-money-on-the-claim-they-are-defenders-of-the-vague-hand-waving-Good instead of the Grand Guignol shock theater porn wannabees they more closely resemble?

Honestly, there are times I look at the women and girls staffing these displays and I think is this the only way that 'good girls' like you are allowed to show strong, aggressive passion and fervor without being condemned by your community? Holy virgin mothers and repentant whores.

Anonymous said...

There's a parking cop on every corner, so if they get caught idling, well, sucks to be them.

But - why the necessity to keep the engine revving? Does the F-mobile require refrigeration? Are they keeping fetuses on ice these dsys, like oysters? What happened to good, ole pickling in jars? T'was good enough back in the day when the right-to-lifer barker would show up at the local fall fair, and it was good enough for Rick Santorum...


Anonymous said...

They're so shrill and their tactics are so sensational their "loving" messages are totally lost on an average person.

By the way, have you seen this thoughtful post from our favourite pro-lying blogger? I especially like the last paragraph:

fern hill said...

Mrozek, the unmarried promoter of marriage as 'man-taming', at her smarmiest. Enjoy.

deBeauxOs said...

Andrea Mrozek, your categorically shrieeeking RWNJ, in the guise of a warm fuzzy pseudo-feminist.

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