Wednesday, 9 November 2011

First Insite and now this; more Con Hard-On crime.

The B.C. doctor who allowed a film crew to document his use of a traditional Amazonian tea to help drug addicts has been ordered to end the treatments.

Dr. Gabor Maté was using ayahuasca, which induces a trance that unlocks painful memories to help drug addicts end their addictive behaviour.

The active ingredients in the plant are restricted. Since CBC News reported on Maté's work on Sunday, Health Canada has threatened him with criminal prosecution if he continues.
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[The] Canadian doctor and author who travelled to the Amazon to learn about a psychotropic medicine that may help drug addicts to recover.

Vancouver's Dr. Gabor Maté learned about ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic plant concoction used at a clinic in Peru. At the clinic, the cure rates for addicts is many times the average found in North America and Europe.

CBC's The Nature of Things joined Maté in South America and traced his efforts to treat addicts in Vancouver with ayahuasca, which occupies a grey area of the law in Canada.
The Conservatives in government are imposing their rightwing morality and fundamentalist religious bias to stop medical research that might save the lives of those in desperate need of medical care and support, and expressing their contempt for scientific research.

Dr Gabor Maté is known world wide for his compassionate work with parents and children. In recent years he has applied his knowledge toward harm reduction program for his patients living with addictions.

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Dr.Dawg said...

My gosh, they're going after Gabor Maté? Good luck with that, Connies. Talk about grabbing a tiger by the tail!

fern hill said...

Dr. Maté should try his concoction on the Contempt Party. Unlock their inner demons so they can recover from Malignant Punishment Syndrome.

deBeauxOs said...

Indeed. Many, many families in Vancouver from old & nouveau riche to the most destitute have been helped by Dr Maté; he is well-regarded by his physician colleagues and admired at large for his generosity of spirit and dedication.

I don't think he wants to become a martyr in order to advance the development of health care to people living with addictions, but he can rally supporters to the cause.

double nickel said...

Speaking of Dr.'s in the news today, it pisses me off taht they refer to this man as an "abotion provider" as if that is all he ever did. He also brought thousands of babies into the world. Not good enough for the fetishists though.

fern hill said...

double nickel's link: clickable.

Yeah, many OB-GYNs do both, Dr. Tiller for example. Must boggle the fetishists' tiny minds.

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