Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Suits for Bay Street

Clever idea.

On October 15, our crack team of well dressed artists, designers, and wardrobers will deliver racks and racks of business attire, free of charge to anyone at Liberty Square. We'll be joined by progressive tailors, radical barbers, and folks who want everyone to look great.

The way you say it matters as much as what you say. So say it in style. Say it in a suit.

What We Need and What You Get

You can help us realize this vision with your donations. Twenty dollars will put a protester in a crisp thrift store suit.

Or mail us a nice suit you're not using anymore. It’s free if you mail it from work. Here's our address:

Proper Business Attire Working Group
C/O The House of Yes
342 Maujer Street
Brooklyn, NY

Extra suits and late deliveries will be donated to Threads for Success, an innovative New York City program that dresses young people in the justice system for court appearances and job interviews.

Let's get organized.

Look sharp. The whole world is watching.

Other Ways You Can Help

Post our campaign to anyone who needs to see it.

And straighten your tie.

Somebody should set something like this up for #occupytoronto.


ck said...

My brother's girlfriend wants to know if something similar will be set up for Toronto?

deBeauxOs said...

HA! Is she planning to *edit* your brother's wardrobe for a good cause?


ck said...

Hey, DBO! You're talking about the 'star' of 2009's British production of "The Great Sperm Race", where my brother had to dress in all white.

Seriously, it would've been cool if we could've organized a suit drive for the Occupy Canadian Cities movement.

When a friend of mine first read your post, they actually thought Toronto was also having a suit drive.

deBeauxOs said...

Your brother has a sperm suit?

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