Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Name that Protest!

Who would have predicted that, from Tunisia to Wisconsin, Tahrir Square to Wall Street, 2011 would be the Year of the Big Protest?

From here. The Occupy Wall Street protesters have perspectives that are quite different from the ultra-conservative Tea Party movement on the nature of US problems - though at times their complaints sound remarkably similar. Call you tell the Tea Hatriots from the Occupiers?

Try the BBC quiz. Pay close attention to the substance of what is said and how it is expressed. Hint - one of the quotes is attributed to Sarah Palin.


fern hill said...

Ha. Scored 8 of 9 correct. But then I've been paying attention, haven't I?

deBeauxOs said...

You did better than I did, fh - I got 7 of 9; questions 7 & 8 tripped me up.

fern hill said...

Number 5 tripped me up.

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