Friday, 7 October 2011

Suck it up, Buttercup

Well, that was sweet, wasn't it?

As deBeauxOs gloated pointed out earlier today, The Sun is in a tizz, which I find especially delightful since they refused to endorse Hudork.

And our friends over at Freak Dominion -- yeah, those guys who told the whiny lefties to suck it when we pointed out that a majority of Canadians did NOT vote for King Stevie the First -- are having a bit of, um, what to call it?

Oh, right. IDWCDI. It's Different When Cons Do It.

In a thread dissecting the loss of their boy, a commenter named 'Conservative Toronto' says:
Just to put things in perspective, 0.492 x 0.3762 = 18.5% of Ontarians voting for McGimpy, and 81.5% choosing to do "other".

To which 'smallLliberal' replies:
so what, that would mean Hudak got around 17% .. 83% chose "other"


First Past the Post is a bad system and NOT just when your boy loses.

Of all the morning-after blah-blah out there, I really enjoyed this from Andrew Coyne, accounting for Con losses in both Manitoba and Ontario.
In short, conservatives in this country, at least of the partisan, capital-C variety, have lost their nerve. They do not believe in themselves, yet somehow hope the public will. They reek of flop-sweat, calculation and guile, yet ask the public to trust in their leadership. They offer no alternative, yet campaign on “change.” It is a formula guaranteed to fail, as it has done, over and over again. Yet it is the one they return to, over and over again.

Dan Gardner, who pointed to the piece, said:
BTW, I love this: "They reek of flop-sweat, calculation and guile." Impossible to read that without seeing Hudak.


One more morning-after bit from me. A Globe reporter named Steve Ladurantaye was reassigned from his usual real estate beat to ride the bus with Hudork. I found his reporting good and his tweets even better.

I could try to find it, but near the end of the campaign, he tweeted something like: 'I don't usually cover politics and am finding the level of dishonesty/lying/disingenuousness [something like that] amazing'.

Imagine. A reporter who asks questions, expects to get them answered, and is surprised when he's lied to.

Yo! Globe! Keep Steve on the political beat.

And give him a raise.

Today, he tells the story of Hudork's borrowing of Wayne Newton's raunchy tour bus, a story the Con staffers wisely kept to themselves until after the election.
Reporters were never told, for good reason. The replacement bus formerly belonged to Wayne Newton, party insiders said, and featured a stage complete with a stripper pole in the back.

Dammit, if only we'd known.

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Beijing York said...

I am immensely happy with the results in Manitoba and Ontario. Steve the Spiteful must be stewing after making his big pronouncement this past summer that "conservative values and Canadian values". He can paper the country with "Royal", cover the walls with the Queen, coerce landlords and condo boards to allow the flag to be flung from walls to windows... but the propaganda is not sticking.

deBeauxOs said...

When a journalist who ordinarily covers real estate wheeling and dealing finds the politic beat and its election campaign trail more byzantine & malodorous, that sure says something.

900ft Jesus said...

I'm happy about ON, MN, the Territories, & PEI. Seeing what happened in ON, how Dalton won as well as he did considering how poorly he was doing initially is telling especially when the more the harperites got involved in the election, the more people got twitchy and decided to stay with dalton.

We in ON haven't forgotten Harris and his finance disaster-minister flaherty, so jimbo going around saying ON can't afford dalton was probably more than a few undecides could swallow. And the hat trick thing. Lovely. dalton picked up well on that one. with Ford being such an abysmal trog, that alone probably shifted most of toronto back to dalton.

and then there's hudak...

had to laugh reading the PMO mail-out, stevie statement congratulating dalton. more in-your-face lies, considering his words at ford's barbecue.

I was happy to see that enough voters weren't utter morons. gives me hope.

Kev said...

Today seems like a good time to once again say thanks for out Hudaks abortion pledge. I believe that it played a role in stemming his momentum and marked the onset of his decline Thank you

fern hill said...

@BY and 900ft: Yes, that's my take-away. People are not nearly as stooopid as the ContemptParty thinks. Or, in the case of Rob Ford, maybe stooopid, but only once in a while.

@Kev: As I've been relentlessly and shamelessly tweeting, the DJ! post outing Hudork and the defunding abortion gambit continued right up to the end to appear 6th on a Google search of 'Tim Hudak'. It probably gave people pause, at least.

Beijing York said...

Yes, the abortion outing was a coup, fern.

fern hill said...

Nah. No coup. Just a bit of digging. Then relentless and shameless repetition. ;-)

Dr.Dawg said...

Well done.

double nickel said...

@900's MB, not MN. MN would be Minnesota, and we haven't fully assimilated them....yet :)

ck said...

Wayne Newton's bus? Timmy Hudak really used it? Seriously? How ghastly!

It looks more like something Don Cherry would travel in!

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