Sunday, 22 May 2011

Shrieeekkk! Revenge of The Sperm!

Before John *Sperm Holocaust* Pacheco and Blog Blogging Wingnut can seize hold of this dispatch to award it The Fetus©™ fetishist gloss, I hurried here to post this charming little Monty Python Broadway-worthy production - which puts the cast of Glee to shame.

Take it away, "Every sperm is sacred"! Do sing along if you know the words.

I do hope SHE appreciates the French sub-titles.


Niles said...

I dunno. I can see where the Mens Rights associations will be on this saying it's part of the evil wimmins conspiracy to make men pay for support for children, just because their vital essence was used.

But then, why does a genetic offspring want to know the genetic line, unless there are lethal genetic variants expressing, or could be expressed. Then it might be important to everyone in the genetic connection and I've seen it taken to that end in medical fiction plots. But beyond that, are kids hoping to find out they're the secret offspring of Hitler's clone or JK Rowling's father or something?

Or do we drag in benefits such as the blood quantum percentages required for Aboriginal persons to qualify for some services, as defined by INAC et al?

Humanity is a bit weird about 'blood' ties vs upbringing. Ok, I'm understating that just a tad.

deBeauxOs said...

Hey Niles, it's good to see your electrons again. I've really missed your long-winded screeds in the comments. It's like having another blogger here on team DAMMIT JANET! - know what I mean, jelly bean?

Niles said...

Sorry, I don't mean to ^not comment, but rambler on that I am, sometimes even I feel I don't have anything worthwhile to say on a topic when you guys are already doing a fine job of pity-the-fool in twenty five words or less.

It never seems I say much anyway. I just take a long time to say it. I'm lucky there are virtual kitchen tables like this that let me sit down and kvetch time to time.

deBeauxOs said...

Hey. I love your rants, Niles. They're funny, they have a point, they have information, they're a meander off the beaten track.

Come around often, as much as you want. Take a load off your feet and off your shoulders, sit at our table. Maybe fern hill will bake some brownies.

fern hill said...

Brownies? Moi?

OK, I won't go that far, but I concur. Niles, you are most welcome here.

ck said...

hey! That woman dancing in the front there, near the end of the video; I coulda sworn she had a Maria Von Trapp like outfit! There. It's fit for viewing for Johnny boy and Suzy ALLCAPS.

Thanks for sharing that memory. I loved "The Meaning of Life". Except for the restaurant scene. Loved the sex ed class tho. The kids get a live show, but they fall asleep.

Not sure if any of you caught "The Great Sperm Race" on Discovery nearly two years ago. It was a British production. Anyway, that tall, goofy looking boy sperm with the round bug-eyed goggle--glasses who won the race happened to have been none other than my kid brother.

I wonder if Johnny Boy & Suzy would allow my kid bro into their little sperm holocaust club?? Fun idea watching 'em shriek while it lasted.

deBeauxOs said...

That banned condom commercial is pretty funny, too. Have you seen it, ck?

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