Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Abuse of power and authority in Ottawa.

Zoom at knitnut writes about this from a blogger's perspective, one who has been covering gratuitous police brutality in Ottawa for a while.

However, when I read the original news story something else emerged, as malign as unwarranted and illegal cop violence but symptomatic of a specific authoritarianism.
An Ottawa police officer who hit a 15-year-old boy in the head several times during an arrest in a darkened Rockcliffe Park Public School yard has been cleared of misconduct after a review concluded the constable used “accepted” standards for use of force. [...]
While the probe couldn’t figure out how many times McFadden hit the boy, it is known that the officer broke his left hand — the hand he used to strike the boy in the head.

The trouble began just before 10:30 on the night in question. There had been complaints about mischief at the school yard weeks earlier, so Ottawa police set up a four-officer surveillance team.

The team included two plainclothes officers, one of whom wore shorts and a backwards ballcap, a sergeant, and an officer positioned inside the school, which is known for educating the children of diplomats and politicians, including those of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. [my italics]
And there you have it. Just as the multiple disruptions of civil rights during the G-20 were the required trappings of Contempt Party leader's MASSIVE *security* show, so must this particular surveillance "incident" exonerate police officers of charges that unwarranted and brutal force was deployed. The conclusions of the Review Board were predictable, as with the official refusal by Toronto Police to investigate cops' criminal actions during the G20.

SHithead and his Con jobs found in the RCMP and now in municipal police forces their most compliant and eager bullies.


Niles said...

Well dang, they're hiring weenies these days if he broke his hand by repeatedly throwing it against a teenage head. I guess that's why they use tasers now.

No doubt national security had something to do with the incident. Such a target rich environment for terrorists(which actually might be true and enough to make lawdogs, afraid of looking lax and becoming covered in spewing political spittle, anxious).

Now security costs ala G20 are going to go through the roof to keep copycats from coming in and escalating the aggression. I suggest they surround the school with the fencing from G20 and put up the no-go perimeter again. That should make the students feel safe.

Putting the 15 year old in stocks outside the school will be a good object lesson as well. The students could pelt him with leftover cafeteria food during class breaks. Should massage the faint bruises he must have taken on the cranium when he battered the police officer's hand with his skull.

I *do* have to wonder what the student body reaction is. They are of the generation that watched the G20 go down.

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deBeauxOs said...

Is it the *Post a Comment* feature that's being weird?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean? These are the same police, that set an old police cruiser on fire, at the summit meeting? Or the other fiasco, where men with covered faces, tried to disrupt a peaceful demonstration? It was said, they were also the police.

Well, welcome to Canada. We have fascism, dictatorship, henchmen and the brown shirts. Along with the media propaganda machine.

I had 3 brother, 2 brothers-in-law and a sister in the armed services, during WW11. Strangely, our young Canadians were blown into fragments, so this wouldn't happen in our country. Seems they all died for nothing. Fascism, dictatorship, and the third Reich, is alive and well in Canada.

Niles said...

That's just cruel DBO, making me use the comments to answer you about the comments being weird.

But yes, it seems to be the "post a comment" feature. I input the verify word and hit Post and it just boings me back to the word verify screen for another try. And labeled me as anonymous, even though I'd booked in via google account. I don't know if it's lag or what.

fern hill said...

Niles: dBO lies awake at night thinking that shit up. ;^)

fern hill said...

Just noticed: that comment of mine is the 6000th.

deBeauxOs said...

Niles, as bloggers at DJ! we don't have to jump thru all those hoops just to post a comment.

So if you had, say, blogging privileges here ...

[evul grin]

fern hill said...

Fine by me as long as there is no brownie-baking required. Unless as an initiation rite for newbies. Hmm, initiation rites. . .

I hear Námo Mandos is a pretty good cook.

Niles said...

Congrats on the commenting tally. You certainly don't *need* me as a commentor. I will send DBO an email on the other topic and see what comes of that. I have this little curse you see. Me and computerware. The commenting bug could be the gods of strife warning me.

On brownies. You know..if there were extras in the brownies...just sayin'...like chocolate chips I mean! And hemp. For fibre.

deBeauxOs said...

Geez Niles, could you, like pay attention to the topic of the post where you're leaving all these self-incriminating references?

Niles said...

So, I should get rid of the poppyseed from the farmers market too? I only put in three cups of it to the last batch of cookies. Barely noticeable. Uhm...

Beijing York said...

Back to Anonymous for a second. I feel for you in feeling how so much sacrifice was made my your family for what... this horrible Harper regime. I suggest that you share your feelings with your associates, especially any that are with the legions that dot our country from coast to coast.

My step-father-in-law fought as a tank driver in WWII and he is up in arms over what Harper is and stands for. He had been railing against Canada being in Afghanistan from day one.

All that to say, we all have voices and sometimes Harper is too quick to assume where his support comes from. I hope that includes families who have had their fathers, sons and daughters involved in wars that were supposed to mean something.

Niles said...

Mr Boris has a post on that military perspective over at the Galloping Beaver.


deBeauxOs said...

Here's Niles' link, clickable.

Thanks for the heads' up. That was an excellent analysis on SHitehead's co-opting of the military.

Perhaps he hopes they'll love him and stand by him. Unlikely as Stevie's Mubarak moment will arrive. It won't take 30 years.

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