Sunday, 24 April 2011

"Spring Spheres" & Saviour Rabbit.

There hasn't been much follow-up coverage to the story about "Spring Spheres" and a young woman's claim. It smelled then and now like a hoax to me.

What's ^NOT fake but R.E.A.L. is Contempt Party candidate Brad Trost's braggin' to a group of abortion-criminalizers. In spite of the ex-PMOpolitburo mouthpiece Dimitri Soudas' attempts to damage-control by minizing Con Trost's importance, it perseveres. CBC even has a poll happening. Go vote.

And in recognition of today - a statutory holiday - we're posting a YouTube recommended by brebis noire, who got it from pale cold of ACR.

The Holy Gospel of the Easter Rabbit:

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fern hill said...

I keep reading that title as 'savoury rabbit', which works for me.

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