Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fun with Conservative Candidates

This is why we need a longer election cycle in Canada.

The stoopidities take a while to surface.

On April 16, the Straight reported that Ms Young replaced Hu Jintao with photoshopped Stevie. (Go to link to see for yourself.)

Now, we have the ongoing brouhaha about the candidate and one of BC's most notorious residents, Ripudaman Singh Malik.
But Young, who refused to speak to reporters on the matter on Saturday, has not explained how she didn't know who Malik was, given the publicity surrounding him during the Air India trials — the biggest criminal case in Canadian history — as well as his high-profile lawsuit against the B.C. government, the CBC's Terry Milewski reported.

After a debate on Cantonese radio yesterday, she dodged reporters saying she had to pee.

And yes, that's the follow-up question that Terry Milewski was trying to ask BubbleBoy when he got drowned out.
Conservative partisans deliberately drowned out a journalist’s question to Mr. Harper during a Greater Toronto Area campaign stop Saturday as he was being asked about a Vancouver candidate’s endorsement by a man acquitted in the Air India bombing.

The Tory Leader stood quietly while members of his staff and a crowd of about 500 at a Coptic Christian centre clapped and cheered loudly to prevent a CBC reporter from quizzing him further on his defence of Vancouver South candidate Wai Young.

I mean, even Andrew Coyne called the move '*vastly* creepy'.

Moronic photoshopping, lies, evasion, media quashing. Stunning ignorance. Don't you want this to go on for a while longer?

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Anonymous said...

Unfuckingbelievable. And this asshat still holds 34% of the vote? I'm gonna be sick.

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