Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fear, loathing, prevarication & tupperware terrorists.

Global TV's @PeterHarris shares on Twitter a number of interesting observations as he follows CLSH's campaign to BC.

For example, Con supporters who attended a Harper event at a church in Burnaby were subjected to a rigorous security search that included their plastic food containers. Contempt Party leader gave a speech that was fully translated into Cantonese. Then the pastor asked gawd" to build a wall of protection for Harper 'from evil actions... evil people... evil intentions'" and, one would imagine, evil tupperware.

Earlier in the day, SHithead said $11 billion in cuts weren't critical to balancing books by 2015 and continued to avoid answering questions where he would cut to find savings. Yet, when the issue of trusting him with a majority came up, Harper said voters should constantly question any politician - with the exception of CLSH, obviously.

Harris also said that Contempt Party leader met "with half dozen student protestors after his event today and talked about student debt and climate change"; no indication whether these *protestors* were pre-registered, screened, vetted and body-searched in case they were carrying terrorist tupperware.

Update: The Burnaby Alliance Church is evangelical, of course. More about the event, here.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Harper was
invited into any mainstream church
to speak?

It seems only the evangelicals are
his greatest support.

deBeauxOs said...

Well, he does belong to a fundamentalist evangelical church; perhaps his security detail finds it easier to screen people in such tight communities than something too ecumenical like Unitarians, say.

He's probably gone to non-Reformed synagogues to drum up support and raise funds.

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