Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Going too far.

That's not a notion addressed in The Fetus©™ fetishists' book on ways to harass women and deprive them of the right to choose - everything is fair game, from their abortion-criminalizing perspective.

Fortunately this adolescent, wise beyond her years, was not intimidated by the aggressive tricks used by a no-choicer.
Most people would say praying to end abortion is harmless. But, Palmquist has other tactics as well. This week, she confronted a 14-year-old girl entering the clinic about her decision to abort her fetus. [...] while the young girl was sitting in the clinic, Palmquist sent her a text message [which] said "if you go through with this, we've named your baby Britney."
People like Terry Palmquist would forcibly prevent women from exercising their right to choose. Since zygote zealots can't forcibly confine women in prison until they give birth, they are currently attacking Planned Parenthood through political means.

It's why we call them Right Wing Nut Jobs.

And why aren't pregnant Fetus©™ fetishists who insist on numerous and medically unnecessary sonograms viewed as endangering gestational development?

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fern hill said...

Man, I just read the whole story.

Waaaay too far. The Fetus Fetishist defended herself with some remark about 'the mom'.

That isn't a 'mom', you conehead. That is a 14-year-old girl who just went through a trying experience. Made worse because of your sanctimonious shaming.

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