Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Small-time fixer, big-time fibber.

When I was researching this post about Con candidates Larry 'Touchdown' Smith and Agop Evereklian, I found a series of investigative journalism that Rue Frontenac had published with regard to connections between Tony Accurso, ex-PMO politburo mouthpiece Dimitri Soudas and Sen. Leo Housakos.

Radio-Canada and the Globe & Mail have also been looking into other *interests* those three may have in common.

Dimitri Soudas

A case of behind-the-scenes political interference involving Harper's PMO, the City of Montreal and businessmen in the construction industry has resurfaced. An investigation by the CBC and the Globe and Mail revealed that part of the showdown was played around the appointment of the CEO of the Port of Montreal in 2007. Former minister and Senator Michael Fortier broke the silence surrounding a campaign of persuasion, pressure and threats on specific board members.
What jumps out from this sordid tale is that Dimitri Soudas is a big-time prevaricator and small-time fixer.

This is likely only the tip of an iceberg, hopefully one that will further sink the Contempt Party.


Beijing York said...

The Sixth Estate blog site had an amazing list of Harper patronage appointments, lots of them Port Authority positions. Add to that all the board appointments to key crown corporations and it's frightening. Getting rid of this Harper created rot (including Senate appointments) is going to take great courage. I don't see it on the horizon, unfortunately. But worse, that damage done by Harper will be magnified 100 fold should he get a majority.

ck said...

Great find DBO!

Looks like the Larry Smith experiment is failing, according to 308.com.

Evereklian never factored

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