Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Did Con candidate pull a Palin?

St Boniface Conservative MP Shelly Glover says Winnipeg South Centre MP Anita Neville has "passed her expiry date"

Shelly Glover, who has become infamous for driving her mouth before engaging the braingear, has done it again.
In an interview with Global News Monday, St Boniface Conservative MP Shelly Glover was responding to questions about the party’s difficulties nominating a candidate for the neighbouring riding of Winnipeg South Centre. That riding has been represented since 2000 by Anita Neville, who is seeking re-election.

Glover launched into this attack on Neville: “We need some fresh blood we need some new people who have some new ideas and who are willing to stand up for their constituents. And I’m afraid Ms. Neville has passed her expiry date.”
Con-temptuous indeed.

Past observations from the Contempt Party candidate, expressed in a rhetorical style reminiscent of Sarah Palin, cover a range of dumb, dumber and dumbest. And don't expect any demonstration of sisterly solidarity for murdered Aboriginal, Métis and First Nations women from Glover either.


k'in said...

What does she have that keeps her on the right side of Harper that(ousted) Helena Guergis and (silenced) Cheryl Gallant lack?

Does Harper have a cop fetish? Or frustrated ambition to be Village People member? Between the widely circulated cowboy getup photo and his apparent love for MPs in uniform one wonders.

deBeauxOs said...

And don't forget how how Stevie Peevie has beefed up the PM's security detail with more and more brawny RCMPs!


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