Tuesday, 29 March 2011

When did Peter MacKay start morphing into

It seems fitting, does it not? After all, he calls women who escape his control "bitches". And, he is known to cause distractions in order to draw his target out of the safety zone.

Funny how those Contempt Party guys are chivalrous and gallant towards the ladies until a woman does something that challenges their authority. Or that threatens their carefully crafted image of propriety. Then the gloves come off.

My apologies in advance to Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retrievers. You are all better sentient beings than this Contempt Party candidate.

Peter MacKay's picture from here.


Trisha S. said...

lol, I am a Toller breeder and this article came to my inbox as I have an alert set with google. Thanks for the laugh!

deBeauxOs said...

A friend from NS lived with 2 delightful Tollers; I had never heard of the breed until then.

Sincerely, no offense was intended to these wonderful dogs whose company I would choose over MacKay's, any day.

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