Monday, 28 March 2011

Harper Losing teh Base?

Oh dear. Strong language from Blob Blogging Wingnut.

Stevie Peevie losing fetus fetishists and free speechers.

Happy days for the FringeNuts.


Zorpheous said...

Not sure how big this extreme rightwing nutbar fringe is? Even if it is only 1 or 2 percent of vote it could be enough to damage Harper,... let us keep a pleasant thought in our hearts.

fern hill said...

What we live for here at DJ!, Zorpheous. Offering pleasant thoughts.

Sixth Estate said...

The cynic in me sincerely hopes Harper tries to guarantee the nutbar vote by announcing plans to criminalize abortion.

In all seriousness, though, exactly who is it they're going to vote for? They'll be there for him on election day, I'm sure, whatever the current complaints.

The Mound of Sound said...

Gee Fern, even the Montreal Gazette editors are calling "bullshit" on Harper's coalition babble. Imagine PostMedia painting Harper as a complete hypocrite.

fern hill said...

@Sixth Estate: I'm not so sure. I've been a mole on the Dark Side for a long time. Yes, before they bitched but voted. This time, they're saying they haven't and won't donate and that they'll spoil ballots or vote fringe. I think Stevie has pushed them too far. And, as Zorpheous says, even if it's a percent or two, it's all good.

@MoS: Pleasant thought in heart is one thing. Dreaming in technocolour is another. ;-)

fern hill said...

@MoS: Woo. I hadn't read your latest when I wrote that.

JJ said...

Ya gotta love SUZANNE the Fiscal Conservative (from the FD thread):

"I mean a 56 billion dollar deficit??? You mean he couldn't accomplish what he needed to do without a 56 billion dollar deficit??? A five billion deficit I might have forgiven him. But 56???"

Meanwhile, if he'd spent that money policing wombs and bedrooms and censoring websites, she'd be right down with it whether it was 56, 66, or 106 billion.

Aside from that, isn't it funny how Harper is viewed as such a flaming liberal by the right, but considered a far rightie by the left? It must drive him apeshit. :D

Mandos said...

That's because Harper is a Randroid or a northern Southern California libertarian. His main goal is ultimately the pleasure of humiliating the suffering---comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted. These people are simply useful dupes, as we know; fetus are a sideshow, a lure.

Here's a righteous rant on this phenomenon in an American context. Towards the end:

But there is one sad corner of this lucrative world. As the Koches become better known, the army of no-so-elite bloggers on the right are starting to realize that all that lovely wingnut welfare is not trickling down very far. Only the elite get the six figure salaries, the rest of your Toms, Dicks and Harriets have to raise money from their readers. Jonah Goldberg, thanks to his wealthy, well-connected parents, lives on the West Side and vacations in Europe. Megan McArdle, whose father grew wealthy while he trod the well-worn path between government and corporations, was able to throw a lavish wedding. Glenn Reynolds went to Yale. Even Ann Althouse, while not elite, is able to trade on her status as a law professor to make some extra cash. Most of the bloggers without family connections or wealth or Ivy League educations are left to scramble as best they can, unrewarded for their loyalty and unpaid for their labor. It's one thing to be a pampered courtesan; it's quite another to hang out on the street corner working for small change.

Susan of Texas has become one of my favorite bloggers.

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