Saturday, 25 December 2010

Nativity: Now Tweeted!

And also plus: Facebooked, YouTubed, Googled, etc. etc.

Not sure what Blob Blogging Wingnut would think of this. SHE attempts to master and exploit all internet traditions and gadgetry for HER cause, but the mess which is HER blogsite, chocka-block with fetal pr0n makes one wonder.

At any rate, SHE wouldn't agree with the glurge-y message at the end of the YouTube posted; from HER perspective, the catholic church should maintain its medieval control over
women's sexuality and procreative potential.

Times change but the Vatican Taliban's ideology remains the same.

Meanwhile, in Montréal three cheeky humourists observed the season with a spectacle they concocted: Kosher jokes for the Halaladays. Three witty young women - one moslem, two jewish - Eman, Robby Hoffman et Jessica Salomon celebrated the delicious shared wisdom that comes from belonging to communities that don't get and don't want Xmas festivities - religious or not.

More here.

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Beijing York said...

Saw that digital story yesterday.

I don't know what these three comics cover in their routine but I would love to see a stand-up routine that skewers Christians for their misuse of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". I was listening to some Songs in Season concert on CBC and sure enough they had to sing it.

Anyway, this person does a good job of skewering this gross misunderstanding of what the song is about:

I love this line:

And yet the song itself is never appropriate where it’s placed. It’s like putting a poster of Geurnica up in a nursery. Yes, beautiful, but utterly inappropriate. Hey kids! Look at the mutilated horsey head! Freaky, huh?

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