Sunday, 26 December 2010

Amateur Show

Sweet Babee Jay-Zeus!

It would appear that Afghanistan has officially become the 21st century's version of an African safari, providing a golden photo opportunity for hackneyed politicians and melagomanic circus performers to compensate for their shortcomings when required to get it up without the assistance of pharmaceuticals.

Don Cherry should go back to *only* shooting off his big fat ignorant mouth. Less likelihood of carnage and collateral damage.


fern hill said...
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fern hill said...

Somewhere on Twitter today I read -- and confirmed -- that Sour Grapes cannot become a senator. He's too old, 76, and the age limit is 75.

So there's that bit of relief.

And then there's what lindsaymstewart said.

JJ said...

Aw come on you guys, have a heart.

Firing that shell probably gave old Grapes the first wood he's had in decades!

(Now we know what "Petrified Wood" means...)

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