Sunday, 26 December 2010

$150K Squirt/Photo Op

Around the blogosphere and twitosphere, JimBobby has been wondering what that ejaculation missile firing by Sour Grapes cost us.

The answer is supplied by Robert McClelland in the comments here.

From the CBC a couple of years ago:
Canadian army gunners in Afghanistan are now cleared to fire new GPS-guided artillery shells at Taliban militants at a cost of $150,000 a round.

Then, there's what lindsaymstewart said on the matter:
Don Cherry is now an unlawful combatant worthy of the same fair treatment afforded Omar Khadr.

Peter 'Airshow' McKay should be fired. Sour Grapes should be IGNORED.


JimBobby said...

Thanks, Fern.

The news items on Cherry's playing with guns say it was a "training round." I suspect that it was not the $150K shell, then, but more like $2K. Still, $2K too much. Are they training the clown for a long term deployment? Will he be using that training to fire more rounds?

ck said...

I wouldn't trust Cherry with a water pistol.

Hell, I wouldn't even trust him with the remote control of my TV.

JJ said...

"Sour Grapes should be IGNORED."


Anonymous said...

Don Cherry ought to stay out of Kandahar, he is endangering out troops there... When clowns like him go there, our troops have to work that much harder to provide security... I thought our troops were there to fight a war, not run interference for a clown like Cherry... Money would be better spent supporting our troops when they come home, but then, our government washes its hands of them... eh?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Cherry go into a Taliban village on his own (without any Canadian soldiiers) and say "Taliban, here I come". Now that would really impress me. lol

Zee said...

Don Cherry is a credit to his uniform.

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