Monday, 15 November 2010

First Sensible Thing to Come from the Teabaggers

On the recent US election, the microscopy continues. They're pondering too -- do socially conservative issues help or hurt the Thugs?.

Some Teabaggers seem to think they hurt.
A gay conservative group and some Tea Party leaders are campaigning to keep social issues off the Republican agenda.

"On behalf of limited-government conservatives everywhere, we write to urge you and your colleagues in Washington to put forward a legislative agenda in the next Congress that reflects the principles of the Tea Party movement," they write to presumptive House Speaker John Boehner and Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell in an advance copy provided to POLITICO. "This election was not a mandate for the Republican Party, nor was it a mandate to act on any social issue."

I love this bit:
"When they were out in the Boston Harbor, they weren't arguing about who was gay or who was having an abortion," said Ralph King, a letter signatory who is a Tea Party Patriots national leadership council member, as well as an Ohio co-coordinator.

King said he signed onto the letter because GOProud seemed to be genuine in pushing for fiscal conservatism and limited government.

"Am I going to be the best man at a same sex-marriage wedding? That's not something I necessarily believe in," said King. "I look at myself as pretty socially conservative. But that's not what we push through the Tea Party Patriots."

Natch, LifeShite is SHRIEEEKING. Waaah! Noooo! We need our slut-shaming fix!

And besides, they say, you need us.
The [exit] poll found 30 percent of all voters said that abortion “affected” their vote with 22% of all voters backing pro-life candidates and eight percent saying they supported pro-abortion candidates — giving pro-life candidates a net pro-life advantage of 14 percent among all voters.

But these were mid-term elections, when more insanely obsessed committed voters turn out. More difficult to predict for the next presidential election.

So, will the Thugs throw the anti-choicers and gay-bashers under the bus?
Not bloody likely, says Bridgette P. LaVictoire at LezGetReal.
Among the groups who signed this letter is GOProud, who are about to find out that they will be sold up the river without a single secondary thought from the anti-LGBT Republicans.

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Mrs. Bitch said...

Jesus H. Christ on a cracker! What amount of self-loathing would compel a gay person to identify as a Republican or a bagger? I've often wondered the same about any minority group. Hell, I can't even believe they find women who genuinely believe they're taken seriously among the good old boys. Of course, there are a lot of woman-hater women out there, too. Phyllis Schlafly leaps to mind. Buncha idjits.

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